FORMER Second Deputy Speaker Mwimba Malama says a change of government will not guarantee that Zambians will be eating well.

And Malama says the issue of corruption is being blown out of proportion by enemies of PF so that it looks like it is something serious and big.

In an interview, Malama assured Zambians that they were in safe hands under PF, with a stable leader.

“MMD was afraid to borrow because they did not know what to do with the money. We have borrowed and utilized that money properly. Which country has not borrowed? We are okay, people should not be worried because they are in safe hands. We have a stable leader who is calm each time there is a strange situation. Look at Malawi, that person promised heaven on earth, today he is being condemned. Look at the revolution that took place in Malawi, less than two years they are condemning him. Because some people think governance is magic. People thought they were having a solution by changing the government and today they are complaining, Malama said.

“People think someone will change things within a year. No one should tell you that when we change the government, tomorrow we will be eating well. This is a developing country, you cannot change the government like clothes. If people are saying the economy is not performing in Zambia, I am sure the dollar will not have dropped. Some people are saying it is fake because of elections, no. It is something that has been done to the economy and I can assure you that you will see the stability of the Kwacha around that figure against the dollar. Zambia is on the right track. A few people would want to demonize this government but do they mean well?”

And Malama said the ruling party did not support corruption and that some cases had been taken to court.

“The good thing about this government is that all those who are corrupt are taken to court. And when they are taken to court, the court makes the ruling. If people are being protected before they go to court, one would say we are supporting corruption. This government does not support corruption. Corruption may be there because of a good number of people occupying these offices, that does not mean corruption is not in this country. Even if you go to America, you will find it. We should be careful as we listen to those who are saying ‘corruption’ because they need to know that he who hates you will never praise you,” said Malama.

“They will always find means of condemning you. Those who are corrupt, you will find them in court or in jail. If people are saying there is corruption at the Ministry of Health, I think those cases might be at court. If such cases are in court, why should we get worried because the court will make decisions and those corrupt will be jailed? The issue of corruption is being blown to look like it is something serious and big by the enemies of PF. We will remain committed to fight corruption and those found wanting will be jailed.”