PEOPLE’S Alliance for Change (PAC) president Andyford Banda says he is capable of ruling the country because he has a vision.

And New Heritage Party president Chishala Kateka has promised to safeguard the wealth of Zambians once ushered into office.

In an interview, Banda said he would appoint men and women of integrity in his government when elected.

“We are capable of ruling the country. The basic thing that people must understand is that this issue is about vision, if you have a vision of what you want to implement in a country, that is a basic thing you must have. That vision comes with experiences. For us as PAC, we are very capable and we have a vision. We can assure the people of Zambia that we are going to appoint men and women of integrity, men of courage, men of experience. A government needs to have people who have experience. Even in the bible, David was picked as Shephard because he had a vision for that country,” Banda said.

He added that if Zambians did not vote for “something”, they would still be at the same place a year from now.

“My advice to the people of Zambia is to vote for something. Don’t just go out there and vote because you are against something, what are you voting for? Yes, we are all tired of the PF but let us vote for something. If we don’t vote for something, in the next one year, we will still be at the same place and you will say ‘we made a mistake and we want change.’ How many times are you going to say you want change? Vote for real change. We are offering land, vote for empowerment and vote for jobs,” said Banda.

And in a separate interview, Kateka urged voters to analyse their leaders before they cast their votes.

“I am asking Zambians not to vote for ichimwela (voting aimlessly) just because your neighbour is voting for this party, therefore you also vote for that party. Voters must analyse the leadership, listen to the message and look at the leadership qualities. I am making one promise to the Zambian people, that promise is to safeguard the wealth of Zambians for Zambians. For far too long, Zambians have been disadvantaged and we want to make the Zambians the focus of what we do as a government when the New Heritage Party is in power. We are concerned about the peace of the country, we are afraid that when people fight, this could lead us to war. So we are saying we must think of that. We only have one Zambia. Please vote for us,” said Kateka.