PARTY for National Unity and Progress (PNUP) leader Highvie Hamududu says his party will play its role in holding the new government accountable by providing the necessary checks and balances with objectivity.

In a statement, Monday, Hamududu, whose party produced one member of parliament in Nalolo, said his party trusts that the newly elected leader would not lose sight of the aspirations of Zambians.

“Following the conclusion of the 12th August 2021 tripartite Elections, I would like on behalf of our party and on my own behalf to convey our congratulations to the President-Elect, Mr Hakainde Hichilema on his election to the Office of President of the Republic of Zambia. The people have clearly and loudly spoken through the ballot. This is an immense responsibility that has been bestowed upon the President-Elect and we would like to wish him well on the huge task ahead of him,” Hamududu said.

“We trust that he will not lose sight of the aspirations of the Zambian people as clearly expressed in the just end election and the confidence they have placed upon him in electing him to the high office. That being said, as the only other political party with representation in Parliament, aside from the current ‘big two’, we promise to play our role in holding the new government accountable and provide the necessary checks and balances with objectivity.”

And Hamududu stated that PNUP was ready to corporate with the UPND government to ensure that the living standards of Zambians were improved.

“We are ready to co-operate with the new government in this regard, to ensure the living standards of all our people are improved. As PNUP, we have stated many times in the past, and we will reiterate it here, that we are here to engage in issue-based politics devoid of spite, to grow our democracy and improve the welfare of all our people. We cannot and we will not put politics above the welfare of our people. Let us move away from the excesses and vices of the past and build our country on the foundation of good laws and strong institutions and not individuals,” said Hamududu.

“And to you, the media, the unsung heroes, the fourth estate of our democracy, we thank you for all that you do for our country. We thank you for your sleepless nights and your commitments to bringing out the truth and information that we the citizens, desperately need. We wish to remind you that it is your primary responsibility to demand accountability from us politicians for you to keep us in check at all times. For now, may I end by repeating the fact that our people have spoken. Our country needs a fresh start and a total renewal, going forward.”