PF central committee member Mumbi Phiri has asked President- Elect Hakainde Hichilema not to entertain recycled politicians, arguing that there is need for fresh blood all round.

Speaking on UNZA Radio’s “Beyond the Headlines” programme, Saturday, Phiri said recycled politicians like herself should be allowed to rest.

“Otherwise, my message to the new government is not to pick any recycled politician like me. He should start on a fresh page because that is what the Zambians are expecting. Bamushanina bwali (those who dance for nshima) should stay where they belong. I hope people will be magnanimous like me, I have been consistent, I have said ‘when PF finishes, I will come home and rest with my husband’. I am still a member of the central committee of the PF. Today we are having a meeting and I will stick to that,” Phiri said.

“My thoughts are not the thoughts of God. Since God has allowed him (HH) to go through, we will wait and see what he will be able to do. Remember, even in the Bible it is written, the stone which was rejected became the cornerstone of the house and that is the work of the Lord. My word to him is not to pick any old politician. Let us rest, we see new blood. Because him, he has never served anywhere in government, let us see new blood taking over with new ideas.”

She said she was almost attacked by UPND cadres when the final results were announced.

“When the election results were announced, I was one of those people who the UPND came and tried to attack. Because I live well with people, I was saved again by the same UPND because I live with them. It is Mike Mposha who came and chased the UPND. Why they wanted to attack me, only God knows, but most of them have come back to apologise and I have forgiven them,” she said.

When asked whether she would retire, Phiri said she would only retire if PF would not bounce back.

“When PF is no more like UNIP, you know me I keep my word. But as for now, I am still a member of the central committee, I am still PF. I have served my time and I think I have done my work diligently. I will always move with my head high. When I was member of Parliament for Munali, you always talk about me. Even when I was deputy SG. I am surprised that you have never heard of Kamugodi, remember it was me who went and chased those youths who were beating women at Soweto. Those who remember, know that I personally went there on foot and chased those cadres,” said Phiri.

“The other thing I am glad about is that people are now acknowledging that, when I was saying these cadres who are misbehaving, they are just criminals. I was always telling the police to arrest them. Now, I think the language has changed, they are no longer calling them UPND cadres even if they see them wearing red, they are saying they are criminals. Indeed, they are criminals! To the youths, let us wait and see what happens but believe you me, there is nowhere in the world where everybody can be employed at one go.”