PF MEMBER of Central Committee Paul Moonga says former ruling party members who intend to join the UPND have no principles, warning that they will still be arrested if they stole.

In an interview, Moonga urged PF members to stay in the party.

“Some members are weak and some have no principles. Some are fearing maybe they did something wrong but whether you join the ruling party if you stole, you stole and they will arrest you. So there is no need for people to run away from PF. We are still the strongest opposition party and the most loved party in Zambia. You can see by the number of MP’s we have in parliament. We have the numbers, so our job as I said earlier on is to build our party way forward. PF will not die and it will be alive forever and forever. We will not die and we can easily bounce back if our colleagues do not do what they promised the Zambian people. Expectations are very high for the young people, they want employment, and they have the formula,” he said.

Moonga said former president Edgar Lungu was one of the best presidents.

“If you look at the number of independents, there are only 10 from PF. We had 43 independent candidates in Eastern province but how many won? And when people are hungry for power they want to go independent and that is being unprincipled. Not everybody can become an MP. I would have stood in Matero and won, I am a very popular candidate but I gave a chance to the young people who are still very energetic. Former president Lungu is still the most popular candidate in Zambia. He has announced his retirement and he will not be available for 2026 and we will give him the support that is required. He is a very good and nice person,” Moonga said.

“Between me and you, I can tell you that he is one of the best presidents. He has done very well and we expect Hakainde Hichilema to carry on where he left. Equally, I have worked under many presidents. I have never seen such a humble man like him. Full of humility even how he gave out power, it would have been something else. Former president Lungu handed over power totally in a very good manner. He was booed but he remained steadfast. So he will remain in the book as one of those presidents who gave up power to the incoming government.”

And Moonga said PF was the strongest opposition political party and would give constructive criticism.

He hoped that the new government would not go for vengeance but try by all means to govern the country in a manner that would benefit the people.

“I want us to be really an opposition party which will be very constructive in terms of the governance system. We should not be an opposition party looking at faults but giving guidance and giving observations because we have been in power for 10 years. We have the experience so we expect the new government to do what is right for the Zambian people. They have been given the mandate and people have spoken. Elections are over and the focus now is to develop the country. We have got only one country called Zambia so the new government must do what is right and I hope they will not go for vengeance. They should try by all means to govern all of us in a manner which should benefit the Zambian people. The expectations are very high, the youths were looking for free education from grade one up to university and all colleges, that is what they are expecting,” Moonga said.

“They are expecting three meals which they have promised and how they will do it, we do not know the formula. So all those things are what people are expecting. For us, as opposition, we will give them the necessary support not only for the sake of opposing at any time. If the government will do something better, we will praise them. For us, it will not be criticism but correction if at all they will be corrected and if they refuse, it is theirs because they are in government. They can choose to take the advice or not. So ours will play the role of advisors as an opposition political party and we will remain focused because we have got good numbers in parliament. And in parliament as well, our MP’s will not be there to oppose whatever bill is brought to the floor by the ruling party. Every bill must be supported by all of us. That is our stance by PF.”

Meanwhile, Moonga said PF had capable members who could take over the party presidency.

“We will be going to the conference once we are ready with finances to go and put up a new president. That is what is in the party constitution. PF is too big and it has a lot of members who can take over the mantle. We have the former president for guidance and consultancy. We will time and again be consulting him on what to do. He will become our party advisor though retired. When he retires it does not mean that you retire from advising people, no. He will be very useful to both the ruling party and the opposition. He is the former father of the nation,” said Moonga.