PAMBASHE PF member of parliament Ronald Chitotela says the politically induced fight against corruption by law enforcement agencies like the Drug Enforcement Commission will not take the country anywhere.

Delivering his maiden speech and contributing to the motion moved by Vice-President Mutale Nalumango on the approval and establishment of government ministries and departments, Tuesday, Chitotela disclosed that some offices from the Drug Enforcement Commission apologized to him and explained that they were instructed to pursue innocent people.

“Politics of retribution will not take us anywhere. We sat and did what we did to the best of our ability. We are looking forward to a Zambia that is united, not Zambia of persecution, not a politically induced corruption fight where people begin going to Kawambwa to investigate a green 2,000 state-owned farm that it belongs to Chitotela and Lungu, shame. Where you start getting pictures of a house built in 2012 and you are telling Zambians that you are fighting corruption, shame. We are looking forward to a situation where you must be able to…how can building a house…? Let me come to the motion laid on the table by her honour the Vice-President,” Chitotela said.

“We know that Zambians hate corruption but Madam Speaker, corruption of character assassination will not take us anywhere or the fight against corruption through DEC which is politically induced will not take us anywhere. Let the institution of governance perform. I am speaking like this because I have been a victim where today officers come to apologize and explain how they were instructed to pursue innocent people.”

And Chitotela said people could not talk about infrastructure development in Zambia without mentioning him or former president Edgar Lungu.

“Let me also thank His Excellency the president for giving me the opportunity to serve in various capacities as a minister. Mr president Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, you are a statesman, you must walk with your head high. We cannot talk about infrastructure development in Zambia today without the mention of president Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu and honorable Chitotela. Talk of the international airport at Kenneth Kaunda, it will go down in the history of Zambia bearing his name and my contribution. I remember in 2018 we went to China, the Chinese government gave us a grant to put up Mulungushi International conference centre at the cost of US$ 31 million and Zambia next year will be hosting the African Union because of the hard work. I can boast that we have done a number of things for the good of this country. Sir you have delivered, I am talking about president Lungu,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chitotela supported the creation and merging of ministries, but added that domestic tourism should not be killed.