FORMER Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says he will forever walk with his head high knowing that he performed his duties professionally, diligently and ethically.

Speaking during a farewell parade in his honour, Friday, Kanganja said he did not allow himself to be contaminated by short-lived things like corruption, partisan politics or other ill vices while serving as IG.

He said during his tenure, he and his team did their best to ensure that they scored some successes.

“I wish to thank you for the ideas that I received from most of you. The many achievements we scored at the Zambia police service were attributed to your commitment and dedication to the service. I will remain indebted to you. I’m alive to the fact that during my tenure in office, I and my team did our best to ensure that we scored some successes. I put in my best and played my part to see to it that we improved on operational efficiency and the general welfare of officers. Of course no leader can eradicate all problems in an institution or even in a household. All one can do at least is play a part and leave the rest to God. I’m so proud to have served with all of you and I wish you prosperity as you continue to serve the nation,” Kanganja said.

“I did not allow myself to be contaminated into short-lived things like corruption, partisan politics and indeed other ill vices. Mine was to perform my duties professionally, diligently and ethically. I believe that is one of the accolades that saw his excellency the president Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu to appoint me to this highest office of the police service. Let me hasten to mention that I will forever walk with my head high. At this point in time, let me thank my late mother and father who taught us to respect other people regardless of status in society. May their souls rest in eternal peace forever. Although two days ago they were disturbed but I believe they will get back to rest in eternal peace. My parents were God-fearing people who dedicated most of their lives to serve as missionaries under Christian Missions In Many Lands (CMML), that’s the church we grew up in.”

Kanganja also thanked the new Inspector General of Police for according him a farewell and said he would remain available for consultation.

He added that he had no doubt that Lemmy Kajoba would perform to the expectations of the people.

“The peace and tranquility the country is enjoying now is a true testimony of the coordination and cooperation we had as service Chiefs. To you the incoming Inspector General of police Mr Lemmy Kajoba, I wish to once again most sincerely thank you once again for according me this wonderful farewell. I have no doubt that as you take the mantle, you will perform to the expectations of the appointing authority and the people of Zambia,” Kanganja said.

“I have known you for many years even before we became police officers in the police service. Although you had a short break but I know your potential, I have no shadow of doubt in my mind that you and the three new D.I.Gs and the entire police command will prevail and be equal to the task and deliver accordingly. I remain available for consultation and further interaction whenever time allows. I have run my race and now it is time to hand over the baton.”

Kanganja thanked former president Edgar Lungu for having given him an opportunity to lead the Zambia police service.

“It has been a great honour and privilege to have served the Zambia police service for the past 36 years. Actually, on 20th September this year marks 36 years of service in the police service, I must say it is not easy. It has been a marathon more so over the last six years in the service as Inspector General of police. I started small and ended up big. As the 16th Inspector General of police, I served under all the seven Presidents of the Republic of Zambia. Let me take this opportunity to thank the sixth republican president Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu for having accorded me an opportunity to superintend, direct and command the Zambia police service when he appointed me initially as deputy Inspector General of police and in the same year as Inspector General of police in December 2015,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kajoba thanked Kanganja for his contribution to the police service.

“You may wish to know that my predecessor, the immediate Inspector General of police Mr Kakoma Kanganja scored many successes in his illustrious career as you have heard from the read citation. One thing that stands out is that during his time as Inspector General of police, he provided effective leadership to the Zambia police service and he was passionate against crime and thereby ensuring that Zambia was safer. It is, for this reason, we are here honoring him today. The end of one’s era marks the beginning of another. My appointment together with my colleagues, the three deputy inspector generals of police to lead the Zambia police service comes at a time when there is a higher expectation from our command, not only by police officers but members of the public,” he said.

“It is for this reason that Mr Hakainde Hichilema, the President of the Republic of Zambia and Commander-in-Chief of the defence force has stressed the need for the police service to observe the tenets of good governance such as the rule of law and upholding human rights. Therefore I wish to assure members of the public that my command has already started working and will ensure that law enforcement is undertaken within the confines of the law.”

Kajoba said the police service was going to invest in the training of officers as a way of restoring professionalism.

“We will enhance partnership with stakeholders and raise awareness on the responsibility of citizens to participate and contribute to the policing of their communities. To enhance public order, we shall harness technology preventive policing to ensure public order and safety. We shall invest in training of officers in order to restore professionalism and guarantee protection of democracy liberties while maintaining effectiveness against crime and order. All these efforts are aimed at realigning and transforming the Zambia police service so that we improve on the operation and service delivery to members of the public,” he said.

Kajoba further said some changes would be made in the police service to improve the system.

“My command will ever surge to unite all officers in the Zambia police service so that all officers feel they are part of the system, unlike the divide and rule system where some officers feel more favored and important than others. All officers should have a sense of belonging to our great institution. My command will look at the welfare of officers squarely. It is suffice to state that some changes may occur for the purpose of making improvements to the system and not a space to settle scores,” said Kajoba.

“Therefore my command will not allow divisions to exist in the Zambia police service because if allowed, complacency and indiscipline among other vices will continue. And this is retrogressive to the transformation of any institution, the Zambia police service inclusive. As such, my command will learn from the mistake made by the previous command, of course notwithstanding the achievement they scored and forge ahead. My command will build on the gains that have already been made by the previous command and at the same time reposition the police service to make it more responsive and improve the service delivery and operation efficiency.”