MATERO PF member of parliament Miles Sampa has told the UPND government that citizens will continue reminding them about their campaign promises the way they reminded “a former Lusaka Mayor” about free Wi-Fi.

Delivering his maiden speech in parliament, Tuesday, Sampa said citizens had a last say, through the ballot, if politicians did not deliver on their promises.

“To the new government, I will tell them of a story of a former Mayor of Lusaka, the greater city of Lusaka. In his campaigns, he promised free Wi-Fi. The people now, whatever you promise, they want it delivered. This government promised free jobs and free education that you have to deliver. They will keep reminding you no matter how you change the goal post, they will keep reminding you,” Sampa said.

“Madam Speaker, I wish to commend Zambians in all the 156 constituencies for having turned out en masse to vote in the last elections, unprecedented in our time. People lined up as early as 3 AM just to cast their vote. Well done to you Zambians and may this same spirit continue on that same day in August 2026. May we politicians know that if we don’t please you or we don’t deliver what we promised, that there will always come on you, the people of Zambia have the last say through the ballot.”

Sampa also narrated how he was stabbed during the election period, further stating that he did not wish the same to happen to any candidate.

“Madam Speaker, the voting day was however a sad one for my party PF and more so for me in particular due to the unprecedented levels of violence. We have seen political violence in Zambia but never have we seen it get to the level of killing opponents. Jackson Kungo, the leader of PF in North-Western province was in Lusaka four months ago before elections. Kungo and I were comrades and allies in politics. On voting day, I heard that he had been butchered in cold blood and that devastated me. Little did I realize that in the next hour or so, I would also meet a near similar fate. Madam Speaker, I am not bringing it out of sympathy as I have been through a lot in my life,” he said.

“This matter is in court but suffice to say that at 3 pm that day, as I went to check out that polling agents had received lunch at George Central High School in George Compound, I got stabbed in my back as voters in the queue scampered in all directions. Madam Speaker, suffice to say that the next thing I realized was that I was inside the UTH ICU theatre with a deep cut in the back oozing with blood and being stitched. Indeed when God decides and anoints one for a leadership position, not even knives, pangas, axes or guns can prevent that from happening. Madam Speaker, I take it that I will be the last and first one indeed to ever enter this Zambian parliament with blood spilled or lost from a stab wound. May it never happen to any candidate hereon, regardless of whether they are from the ruling or opposition parties.”

And in his debate, Sinazongwe UPND member of parliament Gift Sialubalo said the free education promise would become a reality once embezzlement was stopped.

He said Zambia needed a selfless leader like President Hakainde Hichilema.

“The President was inclusive in his speech. Madam Speaker, let me come to free education, it is going to be done. It is going to be done because there is political will from the President. What we have been lacking is political will. There hasn’t been any political will from the past regime. If all the former presidents that Zambia has had benefited from free education, why can’t a poor person be given an opportunity? Free education is a reality. If there is prudence in the way we utilize resources, there is prudence, a lot of money like K70 million… like what we are learning now that about K70 million is found in someone’s house. If there is safety, embezzlement is stopped, free education can be a reality,” said Sialubalo.

“All we need is leadership like that of President Hakainde, people who are straightforward. People who feel for others who are in need. We don’t need leaders who are self-centered. Zambia needs leaders who can sacrifice for those who are in need. Zambians have suffered enough, they need to enjoy themselves. It is not every time that Zambians should be told to pay taxes, there should be a time where Zambians should enjoy the taxes they are paying.”

Meanwhile, Kabwe Central UPND member of parliament Chrizoster Halwindi said her government would operationalize Mulungushi Textiles.

“The other problem Madam Speaker is unemployment. Kabwe Central has no industries or companies to boast about. Mulungushi Textiles was turned by the PF government into a dangling carrot or a bait each time there was an election. This factory has been under care and maintenance for a long time but now under the UPND government, we are seriously working towards the industry being fully operational targeting and employing about 2,000 youths. I am determined to push the agenda of the people of Kabwe Central to take a leading role in participating in cotton growing, especially youths and women as the company is rolling out cotton outgrowing schemes. I am wishing this company in the near future can be in the hands of Zambians 100 percent,” said Halwindi.