PF secretary general Davies Mwila says it is unfair for US President Joe Biden to assume that Zambian youths denounced corruption by voting for UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema.

In an interview Mwila said it was unfair to assume that the PF were corrupt when no one had been convicted for the vice.

Mwila said President Bidden had made that comment based on some misleading information which someone told him.

“It is not fair! Unless you find something and people are convicted, then you say that these people are corrupt. He (President Bidden) has just been informed or he has just been told. I will concur with what honourable [Davies] Chama said, all government officials, they were in offices and they have left all those offices, have we carried the offices? Have they carried the offices? You know, let us not cry like babies, you just start talking just because you want to talk, you just want to be seen like talking. Let them investigate, who else has run away? All government ministers, permanent secretaries are around, what is their problem?” Mwila asked.

“They told the Zambian people that PF has stolen, let them go and find out whether government ministers and PSs have stolen from government coffers so that the Zambian should know who is telling the truth or not. Now it has become storytelling, where I come from in Luapula, we say tushimi (story telling), it is just a song tomorrow you sing, today you sing. No, let us be practical! Let us be practical! How true is that? We are now in the second month, we are out of government, so let them find out, let them investigate whether it is true, [President] Bidden has just been told.”

And commenting on Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) public relations officer Mathias Kamanga’s remarks that the Commission was not investigating the Patriotic Front, but individuals who had been reported to the commission in their individual capacity, Mwila accused the Commission of targeting the PF party.

“I also want to respond to (Mathias) Kamanga, spokesperson for DEC, you can’t say that… yes, they will call people on individual capacities if they committed those cases in their individual capacities. But in this case, all the people that are being called are from PF, they had positions. So, they can say that it is in an individual capacity. They want to divert from the whole issue, if someone was secretary general and he is called, he was performing his duties as secretary general, so you can’t isolate that. That is all wrong! So, they are running away from the issue of persecution because they are just following people anyhow, innocent people. Are they going to call UPND in their individual capacity on the money that they spent on the campaigns?” asked Mwila.