SPEAKER of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti yesterday chased Kabushi PF member of parliament Bowman Lusambo from Parliament for ridiculing her by walking out as she made a ruling.

Lusambo had attempted to ask a question during Vice President’s question time but was disturbed by some members of parliament who were murmuring and shouting “ask the question”.

Speaker Mutti then called for order and asked Lusambo to be specific, rather than being unnecessarily wordy.

Lusambo, however, argued that he wanted to give background to the question but Speaker Mutti told him to sit down as she wanted to give some guidance.

Rather than take a seat, however, Lusambo attempted to continue speaking, forcing Speaker Mutti to disregard his question. Lusambo then walked out of the House.

Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu then rose on a point of order, wondering whether Lusambo was in order to ridicule the Speaker by walking out when she was giving an order.

“I rise on a very serious point of order, Madam Speaker, on the member of parliament of Kabushi. As I raise this very important point of order, I would like you to take judicial notice pertaining to the rulings of this House on the decorum, etiquette and general conduct of the members of this House. Madam Speaker, you may be aware that this House has made various rulings pertaining to the conduct of members who walk out on the presiding officer immediately the presiding officer makes a ruling that goes against them,” said Mwiimbu.

“Is the honourable member for Kabushi, honourable Bowman Lusambo in order to walk out on you and protest because of his unhappiness pertaining to the ruling and guidance you made on the questions he was trying to make during her honour the Vice President’s question time? Is he in order to bring your status into public ridicule by walking out on you in protest and in anger that you ruled against him? Is he in order?”

In her ruling, Speaker Mutti said Lusambo was out of order and requested him to leave the House so that he could go and vent his anger outside.

“Thank you very much for that point of order, indeed I did notice the honourable member of Kabushi walking out when I asked him to sit down. So, the honourable member for Kabushi is definitely out of order and his conduct amounts to ridiculing the presiding officer who was presiding over the affairs of this House. In order for us to continue with the decorum and dignity of this House, the honourable member of Kabushi will be excused from the sitting of today so that he can go and vent his anger outside, not in this House. The Honourable member of Kabushi is requested to leave the House,” said Speaker Mutti.