INFORMATION and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda says despite the scrapping of the ministry of national guidance and religious affairs, government will maintain the day of prayer and fasting which falls on October 18.

In an interview, Kasanda said the prayer and fasting celebrations under the PF regime were not inclusive.

“We are going to maintain it; we are maintaining the holiday and we are maintaining the day of prayer and fasting. In the PF, we had Christians for Lungu, we can’t have Christians for Lungu. Day for Prayer and Fasting is for all Zambians. Under the PF, it was selective because they decided to be selective by putting Christians for Lungu. But we don’t have Christians for Hakainde, we have Christians for all Zambians,” she said.

“We saw the PF arresting us immediately after they came from prayer and fasting but I don’t think you will see that in this regime. That is not the reason we were elected; I think we are going to be fair and we will let the law take its course. It is not about an individual, it is about the law taking its course. And we are not targeting anybody. We are not targeting anybody in particular, it is the law that has to take its course, it is not about individuals.”

Kasanda refuted claims by some PF officials that President Hakainde Hichilema’s trip to the USA was meant to champion gay rights in Zambia.

The Minister said the UPND would not promote gay rights.

“That is the PF promoting gay rights, as UPND we are not promoting any gay rights. And besides that, the President did not go to the US to talk about gay rights. So, we are a Christian Nation and we respect the people of Zambia. As Christians we should make a standard as a Christian nation and therefore, we live at that,” said Kasanda.