UPND alliance member Kelvin Bwalya Fube says he has never applied or asked President Hakainde Hichilema for any government position because he is comfortable with his current work.

In an interview, Monday, Fube said people should allow President Hichilema to do his work rather than looking for wrongs where there were no wrongs.

“I know how to talk and if there is something wrong, I will say it, but I will say it in private to him (the President). So far, things are good, the guy is working, ninshi alufyanya (has he done any wrong)? Mumwiminefye apapene just because tapele Fube inchito (you want to rise against him so soon just because he hasn’t offered Fube a job)? Awe nakana ine, icho chena no, nakana, mulekeni (that I have refused, leave him alone). Me, I have got a job here, I’m working and I’m comfortable, I am. Abana bandi balipwa ama sukulu, maybe kushele utunono, utushele muma secondary school (my children have complete school, only the young ones are remaining) but others are professionals. They are doctors, lawyers, economists, naliba sambilisha (I have educated them). I never applied for a bursary, I used my own money for my children to be educated. So ninshi nalaya mukulwisha (so what am I going to be fighting for)?” he asked.

“We agreed on principle, ‘let’s unite this country, let’s bring back the rule of law, let’s bring back good governance, let’s run a meritorious government’. That’s what we agreed on. Has he failed on those? No! Pantu KBF tabamupele inchito (Just because KBF hasn’t been offered a job) therefore the alliance is not working? Awe bane (no friends) let’s not look for wrongs where there are no wrongs, no I refuse that one. Leave the President to work, let him work and you have never heard me criticize him, you have never heard me complain, what is the problem, ufwile uku complainer te ine (am I not the one is supposed to complain), so why are you complaining for me?”

Fube said he had been friends with President Hichilema for years and he would not allow politics to destroy their friendship.

“KBF and Hakainde are friends, you can’t change that. Eko twale angala ku university tamwaliko. Mwise mutupatanye lelo because of politics, nakana (you were not there when we used to play together in university. You want to destroy our friendship because of politics, I have refused). You can ask me that ‘is Davies Mwila your friend’, no! Tayako ku university ulya (that one has never been to college), he has never been my friend. Ask me that Samuel Mukupa, ‘is he your friend’? How can he be my friend, has he ever entered the university? Those are the questions you should ask me. But if you ask me about a guy I have known for over 40 years, you ask me that because he hasn’t appointed me, no. There is no problem between me and the President,” he said.

Fube wondered why people wanted him to be appointed when he did not apply for any job.

“Why are people trying to give me jobs that I didn’t ask for. Did I apply for a job, did you see me take an application kuli Hakainde that ‘give me a job’? Because I can ask but I don’t want to. Go and ask him if I have applied for a job, ask him, I didn’t ask for a job, I didn’t make an application for a job so why are you people worried for me? You know this mentality of saying ati iyo pantu aba ba fuminepo, bena ichalipo kulya (the previous regime, all they wanted was to eat). We must move away from those kinds of politics, we must work on principle. Let’s work for the poor, let’s help the poor Zambians. I don’t know why we Zambians have this mentality that when you help somebody and you work with somebody then ufwile waswamo (you need to benefit). Did I ever say I have stopped working? I am in my office right now working. There is no friction right now, no friction at all unless he goes against the four principles of unifying the country, bringing back the rule of law, running good governance and meritorious governance. If he is against one of those, I will go to him and say ‘we promised the people of Zambia this, what is wrong’? And he will explain it to me personally, not publicly, personally,” he said.

“Why are people looking for my appointment? That is wrong. There are people who have been around the President much longer than I have. Why are people looking for me to be appointed? You people forget that I have a job, I’m a lawyer. I’m a politician and a lawyer, why are you looking for appointments for me? Have you seen me complaining that I don’t have an appointment? Be fair to the President. The President is my friend.”

Fube said he joined the UPND alliance with no conditions.

“I went into the alliance with no conditions. We helped get rid of a criminal party which was full of corruption and criminality. I think you are not the only Jew who is going to argue against that. So why do you want me in government when I can give more information from where I’m sitting? Because you know when you get into State House you get locked up, systems, security etc. But if people can access me and I can get this information and give it to him quickly, what is wrong with that? Don’t bring problems between friends, I have refused,” said Fube.