PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema says the Patriotic Front is finished just like MMD and UNIP after they lost power.

Speaking in Mwansabombwe District, Monday, President Hichilema urged PF members to join UPND.

“Nomba abena Lufubu, abena Mwansabombwe, abena Luapula, mwishalila munuma, ichalo nachisela. Ichalo nachifuma kuli ba PF, ba PF chapwa. UNIP palya yafumine mu government yalipwa, MMD palya yafumine mu government yalipwa, PF twabafumya mu government, nabapwa, nabapwa epela. Chapwa apopene seleni ku UPND twise tubombele chapamo, tutwale ichalo chesu kuntanshi. Kukeni ku PF, PF naipwa. Filya fya pwile UNIP, filya fya pwile MMD, na PF mukwai naipwa (Now, people of Lufubu, people of Mwansabombwe, people of Luapula, don’t remain behind, the world has changed. The country is no longer in PF’s hands, it’s over for PF. When UNIP left government, it finished. MMD when it left government, it finished. We have removed PF from government, it has finished, end of story. Join UPND we work together, we move the country forward. Move from PF, PF is finished. The way UPND and MMD finished, PF is also finished),” he said.

President Hichilema called for peaceful campaigns.

He urged party members not to retaliate when attacked by PF members, but to report culprits to the police.

“I urge our people, as UPND, ichi chipani chamu tende, tatulefwaya ulubuli iyo. Tulefwaya mule chita campaign mu mutende, mutemwane. The best party will win and we know it’s the UPND, it’s the best party. We are aware that the PF have not forgotten the old habits of ulubuli, ukuchimfya abantu. Nga balemichimfya, ukumituka insele, mwabekata mwabatwala ku police. (I urge our people, UPND is a peaceful party, we don’t want violence. We want you to campaign peacefully, love one another. The best party will win and we know it’s the UPND, it’s the best party. We are aware that the PF have not forgotten the old habits of violence. If they fight you, insult you, take them to the police,” President Hichilema said.

The President asked Mwansabombwe residents to vote for the UPND candidate in this week’s Lufubu Local Government by-elections.

“People who love each other, I believe HH loves you, I believe you love HH. If we love each other, we must do one thing. I’m asking you to give me the councilor in this election this week. On the 21st of October, there will be elections. Patson Mwape is the UPND candidate for this Lufubu ward. Patson is your son. So as we are putting a provincial minister from here, as we are putting a permanent secretary and the deputy from here, I’m asking you, don’t break the chain. So please give us your love as we give you our love,” he said.

The Head of State said his government wanted to be exporting maize to Congo in order to help create job opportunities for Zambian youths.

“In the meantime, we are going to push that fertilizer that is in the PF budget is distributed. All the farmers, we will work hard to push the payments, but next year it’s definitely under the UPND budget. You will be paid on time all the time. We have already announced in Lusaka that we want to push exports. This Congo you are seen, this is our market. We want to produce more here and export to Congo. We are discussing with the Congo President to make sure that there is peace on this border. We don’t want our people to be killed by the Congolese. We also don’t want us to kill the Congolese. We want peace, what we want is trade. What we want is to produce a lot of food here so that we can sell it to Congo and we get dollars, we get ulupiya ulwingi (a lot of money). That is what will create jobs for our youths,” he said.

And speaking earlier when he attended a Church service in Mbereshi area, Mwansabombwe, President Hichilema encouraged the Church to continue uniting the people.

“It is the desire of this new government which you voted for into office to bring all our people together in unity of purpose. Mukwai tubombele chapamo, tu twale ichalo chesu kuntashi (let’s work together and move our country forward). Unity is the role we are going to use in developing our country, in solidifying our country, in creating jobs for our people, in creating opportunities for all our people across the country. We can’t do that without God with us. So in all we do, God comes first. We want to encourage our Church leaders in this region, in this province to continue bringing our people together,” said President Hichilema.