VICE-PRESIDENT Mutale Nalumango has insisted that the new dawn government will not tolerate selfish public service workers who only want to amass wealth at the expense of vulnerable Zambians.

And senior Chief Chamuka of Chisamba District has called on government to consider increasing the budgetary allocation to programmes aimed at ending child marriage, teenage pregnancies and gender based violence.

Speaking in Chisamba, Monday, Vice-President Nalumango said the new dawn government was not selfish and wanted to make the lives of Zambians better.

“We are working day and night to ensure that you receive your fertilizer. The current maize we have, we will make business out of it. Our friends did not have good plans and the money that was supposed to be used to buy fertilizer, I cannot even explain but we are following it up until the suppliers bring the inputs. We are cleaning up and you must not doubt and look behind. It is time to go forward. The President loves you and he wants to develop the country. This new dawn government is not a selfish government,” she said.

“This is a government that wants to make lives better for Zambians. If the council chairman or Ministers are in it to amass wealth, in President Hakainde Hichilema’s government, there is no corruption. There is zero tolerance for corruption. If a Minister is identified that they are doing wrong things, President Hichilema has made it clear that they will be fired. This is a different government. Zambia is a rich country but why are its citizens poor? It is because of selfish leaders but President Hakainde has said no to that.”

Vice-President Nalumango said government would promote decentralisation in its service delivery.

“We shall bring you clean and safe drinking water because these are just basic needs. We will also ensure that you are able to access health services in the community. I want to tell you that in this new dawn government, President Hichilema has brought something new. President Hichilema will ensure decentralisation. The constituency development fund will be disbursed through decentralization,” said Vice-President Nalumango.

“The money that you will receive, your member of parliament Chushi Kasanda and your council chairman with your help will decide what projects you will embark on. You will decide what the money will be used for because you know your challenges better. The central government will be allocated its share but the major funds will be for the constituencies. Chushi Kasanda, I do not want to hear when I come that roofs have been blown off and you have not fixed them when you have the money.”

Meanwhile, speaking when the Vice-President paid a courtesy call on him, senior Chief Chamuka of Chisamba District lamented that learners in rural boarding schools were going to bed hungry due to lack of food.

“Most parents in the country have lost their jobs as a result of this COVID-19 due to some restrictions in companies. Most parents have lost their jobs and so they are failing to pay school fees. Some of them if they manage, they pay in installments. This is therefore negatively impacting on the smooth operation of the schools. These schools are failing to manage ZESCO bills. We have a challenge of feeding the pupils mostly in boarding secondary schools and most pupils are not having meals. When they are in the queue in some instances the food gets finished, so where do they eat? They just go back to the dormitories and sleep without any food because the schools cannot manage to buy adequate food supplies,” he said.

“So I would like to recommend to the government through the DMMU to ensure that it assists these schools. I feel it will be important that government uses the COVID-19 relief fund to finance the schools that do not have the capacity to manage the feeding programmes and electricity issues. Government may also consider directly offering food supplies to supplement what the school can manage so that our children can continue learning. I am appealing on behalf of all head teachers in the country so that government helps these schools for the benefit of this country. I believe that the economic development of this country is anchored on the trained and skilled human resources which emanates from the effective teaching of these children.”

Chief Chamuka also called on government to consider increasing the budgetary allocation to programmes aimed at ending child marriage, teenage pregnancies and gender based violence.

“We have a lot of women but they do not have anything to do. If they are empowered with various equipment, then we shall see our women raising income to send their children to school and meet other household needs. I am one of the champions in fighting child marriage, teenage pregnancies and gender based violence. I would like to lobby that government increases the budgetary allocation to all programmes aimed at ending child marriage, teenage pregnancies and gender based violence in order to promote gender equality and equity. We shall continue working with the government of the day and we shall give you all the support to ensure that you thrive as you execute national duties,” said Chief Chamuka.