MASAITI PF member of parliament Michael Katambo says it’s shocking that he was dragged to court when he won the parliamentary seat by a landslide.

This is a matter in which Masaiti UPND losing candidate Shevy Mukabila has petitioned Katambo’s election on allegations of bribery, violence and intimidation.

The petition is before Kitwe High Court Judge Abha Patel who is sitting in the Ndola High Court.

Katambo has however dismissed the allegations saying people voted for him because of the confidence they have in him.

He said the campaigns and elections were peaceful and issue based.

“My works speak for me. I have done works in my constituency such as building schools, helping to construct feeder roads, bridges and I have also worked with various traditional leaders,” Katambo said.

He also denied his opponent’s evidence that he had 500 security guards during the voting day at a polling station.

Katambo further denied insulting Mukabila and some electorate during campaigns.

“Honestly the whole of me insulting? Surely how can I call him [Mukabila] a mad dog and call the electorate poor? People who were [going] to vote for me? It was a lie and shocking. As far as I know, the campaigns were issue based,” he said.

Katambo said accusations that there was violence were false and aimed at portraying him as a violent man.