FORMER Lusaka Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu says he has no doubt that checks and balances will continue being given to government because the opposition parties which were defeated are “itching” to get back into power.

Reacting to concerns that the country does not have a stable opposition political party to provide checks and balances, Archbishop Mpundu said people were just worried for nothing, adding that he would personally continue offering checks and balances.

“I think people are worrying for nothing. Those people who have been kicked out through the ballot are itching to go back so we cannot say we will not have a strong opposition to provide checks and balances. People know that you do not have to belong to an opposition political party to provide checks and balances. Was I not providing them from my office? So we are going to continue. So there is no questioning that there will be checks and balances,” he said.

“They have seen where checks and balances are weak and what happens. So they are not going to let that happen again. You do not have to worry. We told them the fact that you are in government does not mean that people will stop talking. We will be talking as we were doing before. If we see that things are not moving well, we will let them know. The population is alive for the need to change how things are done.”

Archbishop Mpundu said opposition political parties that had been defeated were itching to get back into power so they were providing checks and balances.

“The opposition political parties that have been defeated are itching to come back into power so they are providing these checks and balances over and above other institutions. So there is no questioning of now we will be going without free fall without opposition. It will be there. Already anything that comes out is being questioned and amplified or being contradicted. I do not think I can worry about such checks and balances. They are there and they will be coming,” said Archbishop Mpundu.