ECONOMIC Front leader Wynter Kabimba says since his party rebranded, there are many people who are joining.

And Kabimba says UPND got into government by accident.

In an interview, Kabimba said EF had received a lot of positive feedback since it rebranded.

“I have seen this myself going back to PF, if you do not have a clear plan about your governance strategy, you can mess up and mess up the Zambian people. So we are looking at a bigger picture, the fact that we are getting so many people coming to the Economic Front now, that in itself is a gauge for us that the feedback from the rebranding of the party is good. There are people that are calling now from all over the country, so it means that we are garnering this visibility which will assist it in launching itself towards a bigger picture of participating in the 2026 elections,” Kabimba, whose party was formerly called Rainbow Party, said.

And Kabimba said UPND’s chances of winning in 2026 were slim and that they got into government by accident.

“We as Economic Front are experienced, we can read the political landscape very well. Also, we have to set our priorities right. We have to define our objectives, what are our objectives? Our main objective is that with the ruling political party now which doesn’t know whether it is going or coming, its chances in 2026 could be very slim. So we would like to offer the Zambia people a viable alternative at that stage. Alternative which could have planned its way both in the opposition and in the government in the event that the Economic Front [wins] the election. We want to make sure that we don’t get into government by accident which is what we are seeing with other political parties including the current. It is very clear that UPND got into government by accident, they didn’t think that they would win. They are so much used to losing that they thought that this time round they would lose,” said Kabimba.