ACTING PF secretary general Nickson Chilangwa says the UPND are a “bunch of lairs” who are riding on the former ruling party’s works.

In an interview, Chilangwa said it was unfortunate that the UPND government had continued to commission projects which were done by the PF without acknowledging the opposition party.

“Do you know what the first sin in the Bible is? It is a lie. The snake lied to the woman and that is the beginning of all troubles. For every sin to be committed, there must be a lie. You know very clearly that those in government are lying left right and centre everyday. It is not strange because that is the first sin in the Bible. Everything they said before the elections is a lie, everything they say today is a lie. So it is just a continuation of their lies. They are not honest human beings, you expect those characters to be honest human beings? The answer is no! If you ask him how he acquired his wealth, he will lie to you. So this is the perpetuation of lies after lies that is what the UPND is all about. They are a bunch of liars in short. There is nothing of substance they will ever say,” said Chliangwa.

“Can you imagine someone going to inspect a hospital that was started by Edgar Chagwa Lungu and everybody knows and he tells them that these are my projects without even acknowledging? Can you imagine a group of Ministers four of them go to commission a milling plant in Southern Province, they don’t even mention the name PF that they started this project? They are lying to the people that it is their project, lying to themselves that it is their project. This has continued because there is nowhere were they have acknowledged that ‘yes we agree, this infrastructure was put up by PF’, unless there is a connotation of a lie. So them it is about lying and lying. So that is what the Zambians voted for to be lied to every day. So let us continue watching the game.”