NINE candidates yesterday successfully filed in their nominations for the Kabwata constituency by-elections slated for February 3, 2022.

The candidates that managed to file in their nominations are PF’s Clement Tembo, Socialist Party’s Trevor Ng’andu, UPND’s Andrew Tayengwa, DP’s Fred Mubanga, New Heritage Party’s Kennedy Muyoya, PAC’s Sydney Zyambo, EPP’s Chilufya Tayali, PeP’s Henry Muleya and UNIP’s Engiwe Muzyeche.

Speaking to journalists shortly after filing his nomination, PF’s Tembo asked the clergy to vote for him, saying PF was now humble and no longer arrogant.

“To the clergy, the church, we know that you are the custodians of the people. We shall continue working together in Kabwata constituency and we are coming to you as your servants. This time around, we ask with a lot of humility that kindly give us a vote. We are coming to you with lots of humility. There is no arrogance in us but all we are asking is give Clement Tembo a chance and I am going to represent you,” he said.

Meanwhile, UPND’s Andrew Tayengwa said he would emerge victorious because of the work he had done in the constituency for the past 10 years.

“There are so many works that I have done in the constituency and for UPND to adopt me twice, it shows that they feel I am the one that can give them the victory. I have done a lot of civic works within the constituency for the last 10 years. So my work speaks for itself and that is why the people of Kabwata have the confidence that Tayengwa is the only person that can deliver development. I think the political atmosphere is very good. I have interacted with a lot of electorates in the constituency. I can assure you that Tayengwa is on the ground and is doing well. There are so many things that we have done as a party in the constituency,” said Tayengwa.

Meanwhile, Democratic Party’s Fred Mubanga said he would be readily available for the people of Kabwata constituency.

“Kabwata has five wards and each ward has got its own challenges. Now that we have a situation where the CDF is directly coming to the people, we need to help out young people and women to set up small companies and just groups so that they can partake in the CDF. I will work with the people of Kabwata and I will make myself available. As I get into parliament, one thing I will tell you that interaction is the best thing. So my strength here is interacting with people, getting their views and taking their challenges and make myself available,” said Mubanga.