PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema yesterday joined his party in drumming up support for Kabwata UPND candidate Andrew Tayengwa, attracting crowds everywhere he went.

President Hichilema, who was seemingly in high spirits, he took selfies with citizens and jumped up and down to the excitement of the crowd who kept chanting “Bally, Bally, Bally!”

Addressing Lilayi residents, Sunday, President Hichilema appealed to the electorates not to fall into the trap of going backwards, urging them to vote for the UPND candidate in the upcoming by-election slated for February, 3, 2022.

“Have you heard about CDF? Have you heard about free education? We are bringing the money here. In Kabwata, Kamulanga ward, Chilenje, Libala, Kamwala and everywhere. The money is coming, that same money the thieves were stealing these past years is coming here. So do not go back, you need to move forward. If you go backwards, you will fall into a trap. Do you still want to experience the violence that happened in the past? There could have been violence right now. I have seen people wearing PF regalia but no one has beaten them. This is One Zambia, One Nation. We are one people. Do not go back to violence,” Hichilema told them.

“On Thursday, if you want Bally, you have to vote for Tayengwa. You do not want to go back to violence because we could have already been tear-gassed right now. You see how leadership is? The same police we were asking not to tear-gas people, they are the same ones protecting us right now. That is leadership. We have increased the CDF to K25.7 million every year, more is yet to happen. We have paid the retirees, is that not good? This is just the beginning. When we spend one to two years in government, you will start questioning saying what were we waiting for all this time? To the youths and women, you have empowerment in the CDF. Once you are given the loan, please pay back so that others can benefit as well. To the former MPs we recognise your efforts and we appreciate.”

Meanwhile, speaking during a Liseli United Church of Zambia Church (UCZ) service, Sunday, President Hichilema said the UPND administration was ready to work with the church in order to curb crime, including corruption.

“We need peace in this country. We as the leadership of this administration are committed to work with the UCZ church and the rest of the churches in the country as the body of Christ is one. This leadership will work with you to ensure that the country is reunited, foster peace and not to allow violence and insults in our country, no crime, including corruption. Most of all, with your leadership and the leadership of other churches, we can work together to bring development. That is why we are determined to provide free education to vulnerable children. We are determined to ensure that we deliver skills to our young ones,” said President Hichilema.