CHIPANGALI PF member of parliament Andrew Lubusha says ever since his assets were seized last year, he has not been told what crime he committed.

And Lubusha says most African leaders fail to handover power because of such persecution.

In an interview, Lubusha said he was even unable to service loans.

“I am not guilty of anything. I am a very clean businessman. My items were seized in August up until now. I have not been told the crime I have committed. I have not been told anything so that alone is an infringement of my rights. I am patiently waiting for them to finish their investigations. I always transact through the bank, any money that I have had in my life, you are able to see where it came from and where it went, so I have nothing to hide. It is a very serious inconvenience, we are now unable to service the loans because of the same items that they are holding on to. Other items used to give us income, and others are meant to be sold. We have constant reminders from the bank. These are just politics,” Lubusha said.

He said most African leaders resisted handing over power because of persecution.

“Have you ever wondered why most African Presidents resist to give power? It is because of such persecution. So we need to create a very safe precedent for ourselves so that even with the handover of power, the transition must be peaceful and perfectly done. This behavior of persecuting political opponents will not take us anywhere, it will not build us, it will not build our country. Genuine fight against corruption is welcome and whoever stole, even me if I stole, I must be brought to book, I must account,” he said.

“But the situation of following people…they did not know what they were looking for because up to now, they don’t know what they are looking for. That is very unfair! You must first establish what was stolen, who stole, then you follow those criminals. But just following people because he was in the ruling party and so on will not take us anywhere.”

Lubusha said Law Enforcement Agencies must heed to the President’s call that they thoroughly investigate before taking any action.

“And it is my prayer that in 2026, we don’t start revenge by doing such because we will end up building a very bad precedent. Where a person loses power, they will be refusing to hand over power to protect his people and himself. So we don’t want our country to reach such a level and situation. All in all, every well-meaning politician must support the President’s fight against corruption but it must be genuine. My family has been deprived of their own assets, my children are traumatized and their performance at school has been affected. They must follow what the President has said, they must conduct thorough investigations whenever they find anyone wanting, they bring them to book, that is the way it is supposed to be. Not investigating me while withholding my items and they are investigating for offenses they don’t know,” said Lubusha.