FORMER Malambo PF member of parliament Makebi Zulu says it is unfair that his party is the only party which is being investigated over its source of campaign funds during the 2021 general elections.

In an interview, Zulu said the selective treatment with regards to investigations of political parties’ source of income could be deemed as persecution.

He said other political parties, including UPND, should also reveal their source of funding.

“Currently, there is no law that requires a party to disclose the source of their campaign funds, there isn’t any. To suggest that they are being investigated for purposes of establishing where they got the money for the campaigns and everything else, then everyone should be investigated in that regard. UPND, PF UNIP, all the parties must be treated equally. Selective treatment as to the sources of income is what may lead to the conclusion that it is possibly persecution and it is not good for our democracy,” said Zulu.

“So equity treatment of equals is a very fundamental tenet of democracy. If we are going to investigate political parties, let everyone explain. It should start from home, let UPND explain, it’s not like they were walking during their campaigns, they were also using motorcades. Let each one of them give a list of vehicles they were using. Others look at it as a business opportunity. They bought vehicles for the purposes of selling to political parties or indeed hiring them out to political parties.”

Last week, police summoned and questioned former PF secretary general Davies Mwila over some vehicles which were used to campaign during the 2021 general elections.