PF deputy national chairperson Davies Chama says the party will exploit all legal routes to protect its members from unwarranted attacks because the former ruling party knows such tricks by governments to try and dismantle the opposition.

On Wednesday, Police picked up former PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri in connection with investigations into the murder of a UPND cadre, Lawrence Banda.

And in an interview, Chama said his party remained determined and would not be scared to speak against the persecution of their members by the UPND government.

“The ruling UPND is very destructive and they are determined to do whatever it takes to alienate the opposition, that is the PF. Of course we will make sure that our people are protected and exonerate themselves from these unwarranted and vicious attacks on senior members of the party, even junior members. They have not only targeted senior but even junior members of the party. Everyone has been targeted by this vicious UPND,” Chama said.

“We are determined, resolved and we are not even scared at all about whatever they are doing. So if they think that they are going to scare us from even talking and providing checks and balances it will not happen. They are determined to ensure that they dismantle the democracy that Zambians enjoy from the time multiparty democracy was launched in 1991. So we are not deterred at all and we are determined.”

Chama said the UPND would start targeting the church and non-governmental organisations once it finishes with the PF.

“So they can make as many arrests as they can but they will not silence the PF. We have been in the opposition before and we know these tricks of ruling governments trying to dismantle and silence the opposition. We are not going to be silenced. Of course we will follow the legal route to make sure that we protect our people. When they are done with the opposition party, they will go for the church and they will go for everybody else,” said Chama.

“These are ruthless and heartless individuals. Their vicious behaviour was shown when they were in opposition. Now that they have the instruments of power, they will be worse. They will not spare anyone, even those who are not talking, they will be targeted. The NGOs will be targeted, the churches will be targeted and their leadership will be targeted. They should just wait and see.”