FORMER president Edgar Lungu’s economic advisor Hibeene Mwiinga says he has nothing to hide because all the properties which he owns are in his name.

And Anti-Corruption Commission spokesperson Queen Chibwe says the commission is currently not giving any details about the search which was conducted at Mwiinga’s farm last week because investigations are ongoing.

Commenting on the search at his farm near Mwembeshi area by investigative wings, Mwiinga said the officers did not find anything after the search.

“There is nothing they found unless they themselves say they found something, but they didn’t bring it to my attention. When they went to my farm I was not even there. I was out of town, I was at home in Southern Province. They had a search warrant, so when one has a search warrant, you give them access to the services because they are legally entitled to enter. So they searched and then they left. I have not received any reports by the workers that they were harassed,” he said.

“Always when people come, you [are] now brandishing guns, you are not sure whether they have come to protect you or to harm you. Most of my relatives who were found at the place have never experienced such a thing, so initially, they were afraid [as a result of] what was happening. But when they were left unharmed, I am sure they understood that maybe they would have been looking for something.”

Mwiinga said he had nothing to hide as his life did not start in 2015.

“It is not for me to say whether it was fair or not, but obviously in the social media we have heard reports of plunder, maybe they thought [for] that reason, to come to me. So we can’t say they were fair [or] unfair, we are yet to see where they are going. We have nothing to hide, all my properties whether movable or unmovable are in my name so I have nothing to hide. My life didn’t start in 2015, I am a credible person who worked abroad for a long time. So I have nothing to fear really. I mean that is why those institutions exist I am sure, to carry out such things,” said Mwiinga.

“That is why government spends taxpayers’ money to finance them, there is a reason why they are there. I believe they were carrying out their duties. As a person they didn’t harass me, my wife eventually went there, she was not harassed, so we are not complaining. We understand the environment, you know when people are talking that things were plundered, you expect people to find out what was plundered. So when they ask in a manner where they are trying to verify whether the reports they are receiving are true or false, you can only contribute. So my brother I am a free man, I am enjoying my retirement.”

And Chibwe said she could not give any details on the matter as investigations were ongoing.

“That search was conducted by the joint investigations team which is DEC, ACC and police. I can just confirm that yes the search took place, but we are not giving any details at the moment, it is an ongoing investigation,” said Chibwe.