RWANDAN President Paul Kagame says more can be done in attracting investors to know about what is being offered in Livingstone.

And President Hakainde Hichilema says Zambians must actively market tourist attractions in Livingstone and other parts of the country.

Speaking when the two Heads of State toured Mukuni Big 5 Safaris, Tuesday, President Kagame said it was a unique experience for him to be at the Victoria Falls.

“It is a unique experience to be here at the Victoria Falls and interacting with the animals. It’s not a thing you would find easy to do every other time. For me, it is quite an experience to interact with the Cheetah and be in the company of lions even if from a small distance. But this is something that the world needs to know and people need to come here and experience. I am sure there is a good job being done here and I want to thank everyone who keeps it running the way it is,” said President Kagame.

“I think more could be done, meaning in terms of attracting investors, in letting people know the uniqueness of this place and what is being offered. So for me, it is an eye opener and also an invitation to not only come back but to encourage others from Rwanda and beyond to come here. And feel the way I felt. I was very happy to be here. And I thank the mwami for taking care of this place and the wonderful animals that are here. So, we will be back.”

And President Hichilema said the Mukuni Big 5 Safari was an asset which was worth a lot more.

“The first thing is to express our appreciation to President Kagame and his delegation for being guests here. We are delighted as a country to have them here in the country, we are delighted as a country to have them here in this wonderful and rare gem. This asset is basically worth a lot more than what we Zambians are envisaging out of it. A lot more can be done as he said to protect, preserve this asset, which is a global asset but in preserving it, to market it vigorously so that a lot more of the world’s citizens can have a view of it. And in the process really be able to create more value, generate more revenue, more value to sustain it and protect it because it requires resources to do that,” President Hichilema said.

“As Zambians, we must all actively market this asset and other attractions. Rwanda has done well, we will see when we get there but we have read a lot, with the mountain gorillas, they are doing quite a lot, I think those are the learning points. And some of the Memoranda of Understanding we have signed is to collaborate to share experiences, what Rwanda is doing, what we have here, what we may support them, us from them. I think we can do a lot more.”

He said government was determined to work with the local leadership to promote tourism.

“Flights are too infrequent, tourists are too infrequent. This government is determined to work with the local leadership, Mwami, to take the tourists to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas and other sites at the same time, the package will bring the tourists here and other parts of Zambia. That really brings the value that Africa has for the world to benefit our people in our individual countries and indeed across the region and Africa as a whole and the world. I think this is the obligation that we have, all of us. Thank you to the Royal Highness Mwami and the team, all the citizens of Zambia for hosting President Kagame and his team. We have invited him to come for a holiday,” said President Hichilema.

The Heads of State also toured the Kazungula One-Stop Border Post. President Kagame was in the country for a two-day state visit and he has since left for Rwanda.