CHIEF government spokesperson Chushi Kasanda says government wants to lower the cost of living, but the global crisis is beyond them and they cannot fight it.

In an interview, Kasanda said once the global issue was settled, government would deliver on its promises.

“As a government, we want to lower the cost of living but when we have a global crisis, that is beyond us. We cannot fight the global crisis. This is not only happening in Zambia. The only challenge that we have found is that people have found a loophole to start politicking. It is not time to politick. This is a global crisis that is affecting everybody and it is not only affecting Zambia. I know that the PF has few learned people and those learned people unfortunately are the ones that are politicking fully knowing that that is not a Zambian issue but a global issue,” said Kasanda.

“So I want to assure the Zambians that we are not moving away from our promises. Once this global issue is settled, we will definitely deliver our promises. Mainly, it is just the fuel. When you look at other positives that have been [done], people need to look at that too. The 30,000 recruitment of teachers and the 11,276 recruitment of health personnel. So people need to also look at the positives. Let us just not look at the negatives.”