FORMER religious affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili has advised the UPND government to be an example of love and forgiveness, instead of remembering the negatives of the past.

In an interview, Sumaili said there should be no vengeance.

“And also speaking to the leadership of the government of the day, let them be an example of love and forgiveness. Let them release other people instead of always remembering the past, what happened. No vengeance please! I think it is very important that there cannot be true love when we are holding on to past differences. Let there be a release of one another, we cannot always be remembering the negatives of the past, let us let go of the past, let us look ahead. The best is ahead, let us focus on building our nation. Instead of being trivial on certain issues, and also revenging, no!” Sumaili said.

“I am talking to leaders of all levels, leaders in the church, families, let us preach love. Let there also be respect, this thing of insulting and bringing people down, it is totally unacceptable. And I want to say to the leaders, if people are insulting on your behalf, it has to be stopped. Let us tell our people not to insult other leaders.”

And Sumaili called on citizens to help the vulnerable as they commemorate Easter.

“This is a very special time all over the world, remembering what the Lord has done for us at the cross. When we look at the cross, it is an altar of love. I speak to all of us to rekindle our love for one another in a Christian nation. Let us love one another, let us help those that are vulnerable, those that are in need. We have to build our nation on love and unity, always remembering that we are ‘One Zambia, one Nation’ we are one people,” said Sumaili.