PF lawyer Tutwa Ngulube has charged that the UPND government is trying to frame Director of Public Prosecutions Lillian Siyunyi.

In a court petition filed recently, Milingo Lungu disclosed that he entered into a bargain with the State to resign as KCM provisional liquidator and to participate in an audit to reconcile his remuneration fees, in exchange for payment of outstanding fees, dropping of criminal charges and immunity against prosecution.

And in an interview, Ngulube accused the UPND of wanting to sacrifice the DPP.

“How can you betray the whole country like that? So whoever was involved in that deal is also corrupt. Everyone involved in the signing, negotiations, they are all corrupt, they lied to the country that DPP entered a nolle without them knowing when in actual fact, they knew that there was even a written agreement behind scenes. Anthony Bwalya, the biggest liar in the land, went on TV to [commit] blasphemy against the DPP. UPND cadres from all walks of life were paraded on TV calling for the resignation of the DPP. When you read the letter without knowing where it is coming from, you can think that the DPP was wrong, it is very clear that the DPP was framed and they wanted the DPP to be sacrificed,” Ngulube said.

“We knew ourselves that the DPP was innocent and that is why we told them to stop harassing her because we knew she was brought in at a time when all the negotiations had already been done. When all the contracts had been signed and the resignation letter had been signed. The DPP was not part of the negotiations if you saw what Milingo Lungu said in the affidavit. They brought her in at the very last moment when all had been done. So what was the point of calling for the DPP’s resignation when she was not part of the deal? And what we know is that Bradford Machila cannot negotiate on his own behalf.”

He charged that State House had become a hub of criminal activities.

“We can actually repeat what the UPND said when they were in the opposition. They said State House had become a den of thieves. So, we want to repeat also that State House now is also a den of thieves. We want to repeat what HH said that State House had become a place where deals are being cut. State House has become a hub of criminal activities and the UPND government has become a criminal organisation. I am just repeating what they said about the PF. It is not possible that the entire state machinery can be negotiating a deal which the President doesn’t know. It is not possible because the President and Vice-President met Milingo Lungu. One thing I know is that Milingo left out a lot of facts from his affidavit because some of the information that he has actually obtained would be so damaging to not only State Security but also to the President,” he said.

Ngulube said there was no fight against corruption in the country.

“There is no fight against corruption in Zambia, forget about it and there is nothing that is going to change. These people are after making money. I am sure we have been vindicated. Remember, last time we mentioned that the fight against corruption was just a cosmetic arrangement trying to portray a picture that the UPND was very serious with what was going on in the country when in fact not. That is why Bally has failed to fire anyone cited in corruption,” said Ngulube.