LUNTE PF member of parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya says he is traumatised after allegedly escaping lynching by suspected UPND members when he visited Raphael Nakacinda at Solwezi Police Station on Tuesday.

But acting North-Western commanding officer Robison Moonga said he is not aware of such an incident.

In an interview, Kafwaya said he and his fellow members of parliament were only saved by the police.

“We were attacked by the UPND cadres at the police station. We went to see Raphael Nakacinda. They recognised that we were PF, so the police asked us to leave. The only way we were going to leave was through the crowd, some people had stones, others had iron bars and they came after us. But thank God the policemen and women followed us to the car and that is how we sped off. We were being called thieves and that we will be killed the way (Jackson) Kungo was killed. They said PF was now out of power and that they were now in power. I am just traumatised, I think our country needs to be much better than this. The police on one hand saved us, on the other hand, they did not control that crowd very well,” Kafwaya said.

“We were the three of us, honourable Luka Simumba the member of parliament for Nakonde, honourable Robert Kapyanga the member of parliament for Mpika Central and we were met by the PF provincial chairman for North-Western Province.”

He said Nakacinda should be made to go through the legal process in a safe environment.

“Nakacinda should be made to go through the process in a safe environment. The environment doesn’t have to be that bad or that toxic. The allegations levelled against Nakacinda are already there, so let him go through the process in an environment which is normal. Then if there is punishment to be meted, it should be meted. If there is no punishment then he will be acquitted. You cannot have a legal process that is accompanied by cadres or hooliganism,” said Kafwaya.

But in a separate interview, Moonga said there was no such incident, adding that the police didn’t have such a report.

“We don’t have that report of anyone who was about to be beaten or being attacked. We don’t have anything of that nature. Especially that it was at the police station, they could have brought that to the attention of the police. There is nobody who we are aware of who was about to be lynched and there were police officers there. There was no such incident,” said Moonga.