ENGINEERING Institute of Zambia (EIZ) president Abel Ng’andu, who over the weekend hosted a big birthday bash at Chicago’s, says turning 50 is a big deal and he needed to enjoy.

Over the weekend, a video went viral in which Ng’andu was spotted at Chicago’s. Waitresses were seen serving him about 50 bottles of champagne and food platters in a grand, luxurious fashion.

This sent Netizens into a frenzy, with some ‘Facebook accountants’ estimating that the drinks alone cost about K400,000.

Most Netizens described Ng’andu as a hardworking man who deserved to enjoy his money while some ladies solicited for his number, calling him a “handsome young man”.

Below were some of the comments on the video:

“So people have money in Zambia? I thought we [are] all broke” – Chimoga Buumi.

“The way people are catching feelings kwati nindalama zako (as if it’s your money), you see when other people’s fathers were working to making sure they blow 400k on their 50th birthday, your father was busy not making money now you want to blame a man for your own poverty lol” – Anthony.

“It’s good to work hard and spend your money. Lazy people won’t understand” – Christopher Lombe.

“He’s a very well-known established Consultant Civil Engineer in Zambia and outside Zambia, he can afford such spending. Go to school also, work hard and spoil yourself one day” – Lucas Mwambazi.

“If that is true, then it’s ridiculous why spend that kind of money on just beer? The best way to celebrate a birthday if you are rich is to give to the needy. There are so many needy people in this country that need help. And yet some of us don’t even own a simple house. Why not enjoy your birthday by helping the less privileged in society with that kind of money than use it to buy beers?” – Chola.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY ENG NG’ANDU, BUT WAS YOUR CONDUCT IN CHICAGO’S NIGHT CLUB IN LINE WITH EIZ ACT CLAUSE 45 AND 46? Everyone is congratulating the EIZ President Eng Abel Ng’andu for splashing more than K400, 000 on booze in a night club, but no one is interested to imagine the moral dent that behavior has on the honorable institution he presides over. In a civilised country, he would have been forced to tender in his resignation with immediate effect in the public interest. It seems EIZ Act of Parliament has no Code of Conduct for a rich EIZ president. EIZ Act clause 45 and 46 are very clear. Anyway, Happy Birthday to you boss. After all, it’s Zambia, an African country” – Comrade Daaram Simakungwe.

But in an interview, Ng’andu said a 50th Birthday was a big deal and he was shocked that it made news.

He challenged people to prove that the alcohol cost K400,000.

“It is just social media amount, you know they just talk, there is nothing like that. A birthday is not sponsored by one person, you have people who donate and all that. A 50th birthday is a big deal, so I was celebrating like any other Zambian. And is there anything wrong to do that? Can you imagine I reach 50 years, God has blessed me to reach 50 years, I have to celebrate it,” said Ng’andu.

“I own a consulting firm, I run a business, I have been running consulting firms for the last 20 years. I employ a lot of people. But I cannot confirm that amount and if they are talking about that amount, let them prove it, let them show you the bill. But otherwise, a 50th birthday is not something that is organised by one person, I have friends who were celebrating with me. Don’t you celebrate your birthday? This is the only country where a birthday is also news. But otherwise, I was enjoying it because I reached the age of 50 and I am thankful to God that I celebrated that.”