THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Attorney General Alliance (AGA) of the United States of America aimed at addressing the prevailing levels of corruption and organised crimes.

And the Attorney General Alliance (AGA) says it’s ready to support ACC’s efforts in ridding the country of corruption.

In a statement, Tuesday, ACC Acting Director General Silumesi Muchula said no country could manage to address corruption crimes single-handedly, hence it was cardinal for law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to cooperate internationally.

“This occasion marks the beginning of a collaborative partnership between our institutions in addressing the prevailing levels of corruption and organized crimes as the prevention, investigation and prosecution of these crimes transcends international borders. With the complex nature of transnational crimes, it is cardinal that Law Enforcement Agencies such as the ACC, and other stakeholders both in public and private sector, cooperate internationally to effectively address these global crimes as no country can manage to do so single-handedly,” he said.

“In trying to mitigate these international challenges, I am very glad that the partnership between our institutions will enable us share both legal and technical knowledge through workshops, seminars, study tours as well as sharing information on new technologies in law enforcement such as equipment, software and hardware platforms aimed at improving efficiency in the fight against corruption.”

Silumesi said once effected, the MoU would be beneficial to the Commission in effectively and efficiently delivering on its mandate.

“I have no doubt that once in effect, this MoU will be beneficial to the Commission in effectively and efficiently delivering on its mandate. This is because Officers will not only gain knowledge or expertise in dealing with transnational crimes, but will also have at their disposal a wider network of human resource and platforms for information exchange. The Anti-Corruption Commission is geared towards establishing more of such partnerships in line with Section 6 of the Anti-Corruption Act Number 3 of 2012 which enables the Commission to coordinate with other institutions involved in the fight against corruption so as to implement an integrated approach to the eradication of the vice,” he said.

And Attorney General Alliance country representative Freda Mwamba Brazle said the MoU would help strengthen the rule of law in Zambia.

“Today, we are about to take this relationship to a new level. AGA is enthusiastic and excited to deepen their collaboration with the Zambian Government by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with ACC. This is our seventh MOU signed in Zambia which further supports the deliberate objective for President Hakainde, The Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General’s office to strengthen the rule of law in Zambia. We all know that to drive sustainable development in Zambia, law enforcement officers must be provided with support and skills to fight corruption,” she said.

“AGA is honored to be counted as a key stakeholder of the ACC. We are very alive to the fact that collaboration is pivotal if we are to achieve our objectives. We rally behind the Commission’s mandate to spearhead the fight against corruption in Zambia. Fighting corruption is one of AGA-Africa’s core mandate areas. We recognize the devastating impact of corruption on a country’s economic growth, over and above creating a breeding ground for growing criminality.”

She said the Alliance was ready to support ACC’s effort in ridding the country of corruption.

“We are ready to support the Commission’s effort in ridding the country of this vice and are grateful to be part of the much-needed collaboration and capacity building that adds tools to our collective toolbox as well as elevates competency. Each of our trainings are co hosted with ACC and this has proved mutually profitable. We appreciate the positive feedback from participants who term the trainings as timely, relevant, applicable and necessary. We are optimistic that with the signing of this MoU, we will continue to expand collaborations and cross-collaborations across Africa as we expand and build capacities in the fight against transnational crimes,” said Brazle.