In Eastern Province, there is a proverb that says “kang’oma kolilisa sikachedwa kutulika”. In literal translation, this means “a loud drum doesn’t last long”. What happens to a drum that sounds the loudest is that everyone wants to play it, and in the end, this reduces its durability. A loud drum stands a higher chance of being damaged than the moderate comparatives.

This adage is a warning the most vocal people in society that they risk destroying themselves if they do not exercise caution in their social engagements. Of course, people may clap for you if you stand out as the most outspoken community member, but that also subjects you to a higher likelihood of getting into trouble. Loud mouths are a danger to themselves, and when they are shut down, people’s clapping turns into laughter.

When we look at the recent remarks that the Lusaka Province Minister, Honourable Bowman Lusambo, has uttered in the recent past, we find him to be a dangerous loud mouth. This minister is so loud and arrogant that at the rate he is going, the very establishment that gives him the power to abuse will swallow him.

We are talking about Mr Lusambo’s remarks against Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo. When he was reminded that the Inspector General of Police and his fellow minister disagreed with his brutal policing methods, where he is ordering police officers to beat people, Mr Lusambo basically pointed out that he only has one boss in government.

“Do I report to Honourable Kampyongo? I don’t take instructions from Honourable Kampyongo, I take instructions from my boss the President through the constitution of the republic of Zambia. I am minister for Lusaka Province. In Lusaka province I have the police commissioner, I have the army, I have the Zambia Airforce, I have the intelligence, I have all the ministries represented in my province. Honourable Kampyongo has got his own portfolio, let him do his job as Home Affairs minister,” said Mr Lusambo.

On Saturday evening when he featured on Diamond Television, this ‘president’ of Lusaka said whoever thinks the law doesn’t permit him to to do what he is doing should know that he is the law within himself. “People will say ‘which law are you going to use Bowman?’ I will use a law within myself,” said the almighty Lusambo.

Clearly, Mr Lusambo feels indomitable right now. He feels invincible. He is on top of the world and Zambia is right under his feet. The minister feels untouchable! He has even coined nicknames for himself like “bulldozer”, and people are clapping. He is living his life and everywhere he looks people are talking about him. He has declared himself the president of Lusaka and now he says the law is what he says it it. Life must be very sweet for the Kabushi MP. But this will not stay forever.

Easterners, because they are very wise, have another wise proverb which says “anione anione anankala pa nsimbi yakupya”. This adage warns against over excitement and pomposity. The moment you think you are holding life by its b***s and you are so much in control of society that nothing can happen to you, you must know that it’s a matter of time before you start going down. Life has a way of equalising the most powerful people with their victims. One day soon, Honourable Lusambo’s tunnel of gold will come to a close and when he returns from his glory days, he will find the sun still shining on the people he oppressed.

But here is our message dear readers. The pomposity we are witnessing from Honourable Lusambo should remind us about the unfortunate situation that we find ourselves in as a country. This minister’s unchecked behaviour is a strong statement about how orphaned we are as citizens. There is no leadership. Our Head of State is gone, God knows where! He is so detached from nationals affairs like a President who is on life support, yet we are told he is fit and in control. What control?

It is painful to see a minister say all these things without any consequences, but what is more painful is to imagine that somewhere within Zambia there is a President who is alive and watching all this nonsense. What is annoying is that a hooligan like Honourable Lusambo is serving at that high level in government and getting paid hard earned taxpayers’ money. What is depressing is that Zambians see nothing wrong with this conduct and they are willing to vote for such a ruffian back in power next year together with his appointing authority.