In this video, President Edgar Lungu says there is congestion for investors at State House, and has asked those who are struggling to have access to him to go through Amos Chanda or Freedom Sikazwe who can help them.

Speaking when he commissioned the first ever Agro and Investment Luapula Expo today, President Lungu said increasing economic productivity for Luapula Province through value addition would contribute to making the region a significant place for investment and trade.

“Thank you so much for finding time to come and be with us and let me also assure you all that my doors are open but if you don’t know where the door are. Come through the Provincial Minister of Luapula Province if you are participating in this programme or come through Mr Amos Chanda or honourable Freedom Sikazwe, these are the people who know how to open that door. It’s usually open it’s only that there are so many wanting to get through so there is congestion otherwise you are most welcome to come to State House to discuss further implementation of this programme,” President Lungu said.

The President expressed confidence that the Expo would contribute to turning Luapula Province into a hub of investment and also enhance women and youth participation in economic development.

“It is my sincere expectation that this agro Luapula Expo and investment conference will contribute to making Luapula Province a significant place for investment and trade, to increase economic productivity for the province through value addition, modern production technology, market access and business linkages and also to enhance the capacities of women and youth to contribute effectively and efficiently to the economic development of the province through market linkages. Those of you who know my stand like my women and youth will agree that this should have been number one. I know that women and youth constitute the largest population of Luapula because most of them are vulnerable but anyway, we can empower them,” he said.

And the President challenged other Provinces to emulate Luapula.

“This Expo has provided a viable platform for public, private engagement which will see to it that we share experiences and opportunities. I am therefore pleased to see some of the companies such as Mansa Sugar, ZAFICO, and Zambia Breweries PLC among others already taking advantage of the various policies and measures by investing in the Province and contributing to job and wealth creation for our People. I also want to pay glowing tribute to the expo organisers sponsors and friends. To you all, I say well done because success has many fathers and failure is an orphan. So had you and your team failed, you would have been on your own but since you have succeeded, we are together,” President Lungu said.

“I am hopeful that other provinces will take a leaf from Luapula to vigorously market their economic potential. I don’t know how many Ministers from the remaining provinces are here but the challenge is yours gentlemen, we will meet in Lusaka to tell me what you have learned here. Congratulations Luapula Province and this congratulations is from my heart for leading the way on the implementation of the 7th National Development Plan whose goal is to create a diversified and resilient economy for sustained growth and social economic transformation. This transformation is driven by among other things a new focus to agriculture, manufacturing, mining and ensuring that no Zambian is left behind.”

President Lungu noted that his government was on course in delivering its promises to the people of Zambia.

“For the past two days, I and my colleagues have been busy as we have already started walking the talk. This has seen us commission the Kawambwa-Mporokoso road, Township roads in Mansa and Housing projects in Chembe.This the start of the walk to meet the talk, we are talking for now and for me personally I think there is too much about 2021 because that time we should just be saying that we have achieved this, we achieved that,” said President Lungu.

The Luapula Expo is being held under the theme “linking investors to Luapula Province to unlock the economic potential”.

Take a look (President Lungu speaks at 5 min):