Indeni board chairman Yamfwa Mukanga says it is not true that the Petroleum Refinery has had 12 board meetings since May this year.

Last week, a whistleblower reported to News Diggers! that the board which is supposed to hold meetings four times a year, had met several times already this year and getting siting allowances of between K7,000 and K21,000.

But Mukanga who called to complain about the article claimed that most of the facts were not correct.

“Next time get in touch with me so that I can explain other than getting information which is not right. I would like you to be reporting about Indeni, but what you are reporting is not correct. I will be able to use other media to explain,” Mukanga said.

Asked if it was not true that his board held a meeting last week, Mukanga responded “It’s not true, thank you,” before cutting the line.

He later called back to complain further, saying he was a hardworking Christians and would not loot Indeni resources through siting allowances.

“Next time you want to know anything call me so that we talk, whatever you reported is not true. Next time when you want to report about Indeni, my phone is open, call me we can talk. I will address the media to explain,” he said.

When informed that this reporter actually made an effort to call the Board secretary Felicity Chisanga, as convener of board meetings, for a comment before publishing the story, Mukanga wondered why the board official did not take the opportunity to explain the “correct” position.

“Why didn’t she respond, maybe you didn’t talk to her nicely. There were a lot of things in that report which were not correct. Especially when you use the term looting, aah! I can’t understand, but it’s okay I will be able to correct it through the media myself,” said Mukanga.

“I want to tell you that I have been working for a very long time and I have been very honest myself as a Christian to do the right thing. When my name is mentioned in that way, I feel very sad, but it’s okay I will explain. The whistleblower didn’t give you the right information.”

Ministry of Energy permanent secretary Brig Gen Emeldah Chola also wrote to News Diggers saying: “Good morning, we will get you facts of the actual meetings and who attended over your article about frequency of board meetings at Indeni.”

According to the whistleblower, Indeni has had 12 meetings including adhoc and technical sub-committees attended by board members since May this year.

What happens is that when they convene a meeting, they are entitled to K7,000 allowance per sitting, but they get another K7,000 for subcommittees. In May they had board meetings on the 9th, in June they had a meeting on 27. Then in July, they had two meetings on 17th and 27th. In August they had six board meetings on 4th, 8th, 10, 22nd, 25th and 29. This month they already had a meeting on the 4th and they are having another one tomorrow,” a whistleblower told News Diggers.