The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has warned that it will take to task traders who have unjustifiably hiked the price of chlorine by between 800 per cent and 1,000 per cent since Cholera broke out.

In a statement, Tuesday, CCPC public relations officer Namukolo Kasumpa said the increase in chlorine prices was a source of concern.

“The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has observed with concern the sudden increase in the prices of disinfectants in particular Chlorine in the wake of the Cholera outbreak. The increases in the prices of Chlorine reported to have increased by between 800% and 1000% from the observed K3-K5 per bottle to over K25-K30 is not only a source of concern but defeats the efforts of Government in the fight against Cholera. The Commission has thus taken keen interest in this matter and has launched investigations. All traders that will be found to have increased the prices of this ‘now basic’ item without justifiable corresponding increase in the sourcing costs will be taken to task,” stated Kasumpa.

“The Commission has repeatedly warned business to desist from engaging themselves in conduct that is unfair and anti-competitive. The applicable fines if found wanting are up to 10% of an enterprises annual turnover. Therefore the Commission will not seat idle and watch consumers being exploited in the wake of the Cholera outbreak.”