First Quantum Mineral’s Kansanshi Mining Plc will continue sponsoring the business development training workshops implemented by Fortune World Investments this year, says Kansanshi Mine Senior Contracts Manager Winwell Siame.

According to Siame, the mining company has reaffirmed its commitment to the development of a cadre of entrepreneurs that will be able to sustain businesses through the provision of skills and knowledge.

He said the mining firm would not discontinue the sponsorship of business development training workshops anytime soon.

Siame made the pronouncement on behalf of the mining company during the graduation ceremony of 250 business entrepreneurs in Solwezi recently.

Since the commencement of business development workshops some eight years ago, more than 2,000 entrepreneurs have undergone training with some participants’ enterprises turning into success stories.

“We’re very grateful, as Kansanshi Mine, for the good work Fortune World Investments (FWI) is doing. As Kansanshi Mine, Fortune World, has trained over 2,000 in the last eight years. It is a commendable work. As Kansanshi Mine, we are committed to imparting knowledge and prepared to support this programme even in 2019,” Siame said.

He further said entrepreneurs should work extra hard to create wealth for the future generation, citing Fortune World Investments founder Andrew Kafuta as a perfect example, adding that his company was relevant in the Solwezi community and outlying areas.

“I quote a Bible verse, which says wealth and riches come from parents, but a good wife from the Lord. As parents and would-be parents, it is your duty to build wealth for your children,” Siame added.

And elaborating on how business workshops were conducted, FWI Chairman Andrew Kafuta said the programme had generated enthusiasm among the residents of Solwezi.

Kafuta said FWI valued support from Kansanshi Mine and was cautious to ensure that the workshops were implemented properly without abusing the sponsorship of the programme.

“There has been expressed enthusiasm about this programme as seen by the huge numbers. The money you put in is not going to waste,” Kafuta assured.

He explained that the programme was not being delivered as an academic exercise, but as a practice-orientated programme, adding that certificates were awarded only to entrepreneurs who had completed a minimum required number of topics.

The programme was designed to be flexible so that people would be free to start attending the monthly business workshops anytime convenient to them.

“We’ve such flexibility of the programme that [it] can be started at any time of the year. They don’t have to come always at the beginning of January. No entrepreneur is left behind on account of their educational background because the training is done both in English and local languages,” he explained.

In moving a vote of thanks on behalf of graduating participants, Vickson Mukwetunga said entrepreneurs were delighted with the opportunity provided by Kansanshi Mining Plc for them to acquire vital business skills.

And Kansanshi Mining Plc Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) manager Bruce Lewis said the mining company has noted the compliance being consistently exhibited by FWI through monthly reports.

One of the terms and conditions enshrined in the contract is that FWI is expected to report back to Kansanshi Mining Plc at least three entrepreneurial success stories on a monthly basis resulting from their training for monitoring and evaluations purposes, which Lewis said had successfully been fulfilled.

– Story courtesy of SUMA SYSTEMS.