SYLVIA Masebo says  Japhen Mwakalombe and his PF team told voters in Chongwe not to vote for her in the recent election  because she is a prostitute who failed in her marriage.

And Masebo says the PF propaganda against her on the allocation of land in Chongwe heavily de- campaigned her.

Testifying in a matter where she petitioned the election of  Mwakalombe as Chongwe member of parliament before Lusaka High Court judge Getrude Chawatama yesterday,  Masebo  said PF propaganda made her lose the seat.

Masebo told the court that Chongwe residents were very traditional hence the issue of marriage was very cardinal to them.

“They said I was a prostitute who failed in my marriage, with no children hence I was unable to take care of the people. In fact they called me Belinda,” Masebo said.

And Masebo also told the court that Mwakalombe and his team told voters that she acquired a  huge piece of land for herself and that if elected she was going to displace squatters.

She added that people in Chongwe were in dire need of land and that because the PF promised to give out land if they voted for them, she was disadvantaged.

Masebo further explained that she was accused of instructing the Zambia National Service officers to shoot the Kampasa residents who had land wrangles.

She further told the court that Mwakalombe accused her of practicing witchcraft.

“The respondent told voters that in 2011 he had quit because each time he slept, he saw a snake which was me and her royal hyness senior chieftainess Nkomenshya,” said Masebo.

Earlier, judge Chawatama warned that she would not tolerate any interference with witnesses from both sides.

She said witnesses needed to feel free to testify in order for the court to have a fair hearing.

The court asked Masebo to testify first for easy flow of the matter.