THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has found Komboni Radio director Lesa Kasoma with a case to answer on a charge of assault on a police officer.

In his ruling today, magistrate Felix Kaoma said the prosecution proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.
In this matter, Kasoma is alleged to have assaulted a police officer Simon Chisanga who allegedly sustained teeth bites.

Magistrate Kaoma has since placed the accused on her defence.

Last week, Kasoma asked the court to acquit her on the premise that the state had failed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

In her submissions, Kasoma through her lawyers, noted that there was no overwhelming evidence to support the allegations.

Last year, Vice-President Inonge Wina apologized to Kasoma for the beating she received from police whilst in the floor of the House.

Vice-President Wina said police overdid their work when six of them brutally beat up and stripped Kasoma after she informed them that the Independent Broadcasting Authority had lifted the suspension of the radio station’s operating licence.