An administrator of the estate of the late Margaret Simeza Siame has sued Beitcure hospital and its neurosurgeon Dr Kachinga Sichizya.

Michael Kanyinji has sued the hospital and its highly respected and famous Dr Sichizya over the death of Siame in 2014.

According to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court last Friday, Siame died after undergoing surgery at Beitcure.

“Around June 2014, the deceased fell ill and was admitted at Lusaka Trust Hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctors at Lusaka Trust Hospital recommended immediate surgery and referred the deceased to the First Defendant Hospotal where the deceased was subsequently admitted. On July 6, 2014, the deceased underwent surgery at the First Defendant Hospital but died on the operating table due to excessive bleeding after one of her brain arteries was negligently lacerated,” read the statement of claim.

“The plaintiff will at trial aver that the Second Defendant left the operating theatre before the deceased’s skull was sutured to complete the operation and the suturing of the deceased’s skull was left to a range student who lacerated the artery that caused excessive bleeding and resulted in the deceased’s death. At the time of death, the deceased was survived by five children and six grandchildren.”

Kanyinji stated that as a result of negligence, the deceased suffered severe pain prior to her death and her dependants had suffered loss and damage.

He is now seeking damages, funeral expenses, interests and costs.