Judiciary public relations officer Veronica Chisambisha says no political party supporters will be allowed near the Lusaka High Court as the treason case involving UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and five others takes off on Monday next week.

In a statement, Chisambisha said due to security reasons and limited space in the Supreme Court, the judiciary would accredit all people who will have access to the public gallery in the courtroom.

“No party cadres from any political party will be allowed on to the judiciary premises or in the vicinity of the judiciary. Organisations and political parties are free to approach the office of the chief registrar to obtain accreditation for their members. The office of chief registrar will also facilitate accreditation for counsel, journalists and observers,” Chisambisha said.

“Further note that cellphones, tablets, iPads, cameras or such similar devices will not be allowed in the Supreme Court room number one. This measure applies to journalists and legal counsel. Any breach of the said measure may result in accreditation being cancelled and the person in breach being ejected from the court premises.”