A Lusaka woman who allegedly killed her husband after running over him with her vehicle has been acquitted of murder charges by the Lusaka High Court.

This is in a matter in which Jacqueline Mwiindwa was facing one count of murder over her husband Kofi Milumbe’s death.

Ruling on case to answer, High Court judge Charles Chanda set Jacqueline free saying there was no evidence implicating her to death of her deceased’s husband.

The judge ruled that Milumbe did not sustain any injuries whilst holding on to the moving vehicle.

The court further said officers did not find blood on Jacqueline’s car as the occupants of the said car denied that the accused hit her husband.

Justice Chanda said Milumbe died as a result of a road traffic accident of which the blood spots where found next to where the deceased was laying.

The court further noted that the fractured leg that the accused sustained would only be caused by an accident.

He said the arresting officer drew an inference without investigating the matter which was a dangerous move.

Judge Chanda said there was no evidence to prove that Mwiindwa killed her husband on October 28, 2016.