A ballistic officer has told to the Lusaka High Court that the bullet which was found in Namakabwa Kwenda’s neck matched Chilanga UPND member of parliament Keith Mukata’s gun.

And another witness has told the same court that he refused to help Mukata move Kwenda’s body but instead called police.

In this matter, Mukata is jointly charged with his lover Charmaine for murder.

When the matter came up for continued trial today, 39-year-old Vincent Chibesa, a ballistic officer, told judge Susan Wanjelani that the characteristics of the bullet holes on the wall fence, the gate and the wounds on Kwenda’s body matched.

Chibesa testified that after measuring the dents on the wall fence, the perforation on the gate and the wounds on Kwenda’s body, he came to a conclusion that they were caused by a Mukata’s pistol.

And Spice Bar proprietor Pavan Kumar testified that he refused to help Mukata move Kwenda’s body.
Kumar told the court that when Mukata asked him to assist him to carry Kwenda, he denied and told him that he had informed the police and that they would be at the scene anytime.

He also said he heard three gunshots at midnight and Mukata shouting for help saying someone had shot his worker.

Meanwhile, a criminal investigations officer Lucas Shibalatani testified that Mukata led him and other police officers to his law firm AKM Legal Practitioners where he allegedly fired three gunshots.

Shibalatani narrated that when they reached the crime scene, he noticed some blood stains and empty cartridges.

Shibalatani said during scene reconstruction, Mukata showed him and other police officers the points at which he fired gunshots.

The crime scene investigations officer said Mukata showed him the position at which he allegedly fired the first gunshot in the air and two other shots towards the gate.

Shibalatani says he noticed two bullet holes on the wall fence and at the gate of AKM legal practitioners.

He said during Potsmoterm Kwenda had a gunshot wound on the right side of his neck and his back.