Lusaka lawyer Lewis Mosho says he is not behind moves to oust Chief Justice Irene Mambilima, saying his law firm Lewis Nathan Advocates did not write the letter to Irene Mambilima.

Yesterday, News Diggers reported that Mosho’s associates had threatened to call for an inquiry to probe Justice Mambilima for misconduct after she allegedly asked judge Sunday Nkonde to recuse himself from handling the liquidation case of The Post newspaper.

But Mosho distanced himself today, saying it is shocking that people are dragging him into the matter when his lawfirm was not involved in the move.

He asked News Diggers to distinguish between Mosho and Mosha, the company that wrote that letter.

“If Mosha and Company write, it has got nothing to do with me. There is a clear distinction between Mosha and Company, which is a lawfirm which has got nothing to do with me. These are two different things. I don’t even know about that letter,” said Mosho.

“I just thought you could put that correctly. I didn’t write that letter. What I suspect is that the letter was written by Mosha and Company.”

This reporter reminded Mosho that he was an associated with Mosha and Company which represented ex-post employees who caused the liquidation of The Post, but the lawyer insisted that there was a difference between the two law firms.

Mosho has just been confirmed liquidator of The Post newspaper, a company that has since been declared insolvent by the court.

Sources close to Mosho have further told News Diggers that the lawyer has always wanted to have The Post newspaper closed.