Undercover Investigations Agency director Bozy Simutanda says the Patriotic Front must be deregistered for lying to the people of Zambia that it would put more money on people’s pockets and reduce taxes when it has done the opposite.

And Simutanda says President Edgar Lungu does not qualify to be Head of State on grounds of citizenship.

Simutanda said this in a statement of claim filed in the Kabwe High Court, Thursday, in which he cited the Attorney General and PF Secretary General Davies Mwila as first and second respondents respectively.

“Sometime in 2011 ans 2016, the 2nd Defendants political party promised the Zambian people that when they are voted into power they shall reduce taxes and put more money in people’s pockets, which shall create an enabling environment that encourages individual initiative and self reliance. The intent exists where the 2nd Defendants political party made false campaign promises with an intent to deceive and induce the Zambians to believe that the promises made were genuine when not. The 2nd Defendant’s political party is practicing deceit by demeaning the opposing stance taken by majority Zambians that the Patriotic Fronts promises are not tenable as it is evident that the consequences caused by their failed promises have resulted in disease and suffering of the Zambian people,” Simutanda stated.

“The 1st Defendant’s party having been in power and charged with the responsibility providing the necessities for Zambians, such as more money in the pockets of ordinary Zambians and lower taxes as per promises they have failed to do so, thereby causing the lives of Zambians to be likely endangered. The 2nd Defendant’s political party in ruling as a government of the day has committed two offenses, the first count is contrary to section 233 and the second count is contrary to section 344A(a) and (b) of the Penal Code Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia. The offenses committed by the 2nd Defendants political party are a felony and the party must be deregistered. The Plaintiff observes and considers that it is contrary to the laws of Zambia for the 2nd Defendants party to continue to exist when it has committed a felony.”

And Simutanda has asked the High Court to determine whether President Lungu qualifies to be Head of State.

“It is a Zambian law that a person qualifies to be nominated as a candidate for election as President if that person is a citizen by birth of descent. The Plaintiff’s criminology established that the Nationality of a person (Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu) who the 2nd Defendant’s political party nominated as a candidate for election as President does not qualify on ground of citizen by birth or descent,” he stated.

“The Plaintiff claims a determination whether or not the 2nd Defendant’s political party nominated a rightful candidate who qualifies for election as president of the republic of Zambia.”

He also wants the court to declare that government has failed to create an economic environment which promotes individual initiative and self reliance among the people, so as to attract investment, employment and create wealth.

He further wants the court to order the PF to be deregistered on grounds of intent to deceive the Zambians.