The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has ordered a 43-year-old headman of Shibuyunji District to appear in court on October 17 for sentencing in a matter where he’s charged with one count of assaulting a 57-year-old woman or he risks being arrested.

Wellingtone Habeenzu is alleged to have beaten the woman with a stick, injuring her left leg and leaving her with a swollen shoulder and chest pains after suspecting her of killing his pregnant cow.

Habeenzu was found guilty of assaulting Lucia Mweenga by Principal Resident Magistrate David Simusamba and is on police bond.

However, since his conviction, Habeenzu has never appeared in court for sentencing.

And when the case came up for sentencing before Magistrate Simusamba, Wednesday, Habeenzu was again not present in court.

His representative explained to the court that he had a bereavement, hence his failure to show up.

However, Magistrate Simusamba threatened to put him on warrant if he again failed to appear at the next session.

“If he doesn’t come on October 17, he will be put on warrant,” warned Magistrate Simusamba.

And speaking after the court session, the complainant’s relatives argued that the accused did not have any bereavement, it was just a tactic to miss court.

They added that they saw him outside the court premises in his vehicle.