A seven-year-old boy has told the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that before he was taken to an orphanage, his father would have anal sex with him at night.

In this matter, it is alleged that Victor Mukuka, 38, of Zesco township in Lusaka, on May 10, this year, had unlawful carnal knowledge against the order of nature.

When the matter came up before magistrate Nsunge Chanda for trial, Monday, the victim told the court that his father used to defile him at night.

“My father used to have sex with me through the my anus and this used to happen at night. I used to feel pain when he had sex with me,” he said.

The victim said when he informed a neighbour about his situation, he was taken to the hospital where he was given some medicine and the pain stopped.

He said that after his wounds had healed, he was taken to Home of Hope orphanage, adding that he didn’t want to stay with his father because he liked defiling him.

During cross examination, Mukuka asked his son if he ever had sex with him and the child responded in the affirmative.

The matter has been adjourned December 20, this year.