A 16-year-old boy of Lusaka’s Kanyama Compound has told the Magistrates’ Court that smoking marijuana helps him play football.

The Court has, however, wondered why he is not playing in the Zambia national team as proof that cannabis helps boost performance.

In this matter, the juvenile is facing one count of trafficking in psychotropic substances.

It is alleged that the juvenile offender on January 10 this year in Lusaka, did traffic in 81.9 grammes of marijuana without lawful authority.

When the matter came up for plea before Magistrate Nsunge Chanda, Wednesday, the juvenile, who is currently not in school, pleaded guilty to the charge.

Asked why he trafficked the drugs, the juvenile said it helped him play football.

At this point, the Court then wondered why he was not in the national team to prove that cannabis helped.

“So, you are now in the national team so that you prove that cannabis are good? Where do you play football? Because I have never heard of your name on television? Where?” magistrate Chanda asked.

The juvenile said he played football at Kanyama grounds.

Asked whether he was aware that smoking marijuana was an offence, he said he wasn’t aware.

Magistrate Chanda then asked him where he bought the drugs.

“So, you buy it from the market? In Soweto market they just put cannabis for you to buy? You stay in Kanyama and [you] don’t know that cannabis are not allowed? Meaning you can’t change, the way you answer will tell what kind of a child you are,” said Magistrate Chanda.

Magistrate Chanda entered a plea of guilty and adjourned the matter to January 29 for facts, as the juvenile remained remanded in custody.