Alliance Media Zambia has sued Zamtel Limited in the Lusaka High Court, demanding payment of over K970,000 owed to it for advertising services.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court principal registry, August 7, Alliance Media stated that Zamtel was a telecommunications company which was utilizing its advertising services.

It explained that by an advertising contract dated April 26, 2018, Zamtel engaged it to provide advertising services for K116,881.92 per month, inclusive of Value Added Tax and an additional flighting price of K46,748.

Alliance Media further stated that it completed the adverting works as per agreed terms and conditions of both contracts.

It stated that to-date, Zamtel had not made any payments for the advertising or flighting works rendered under the contract despite Alliance Media requesting Zamtel on various occasions to have the outstanding payments inclusive of interest settled.

Alliance Media stated that by letters dated July 16, 2019, and July 24, 2019, it, through its advocates Messrs Isaac and Partners, made a demand to Zamtel for the payment of the whole outstanding balance of K970,108.00 being payment for the said advertising works it had carried out.

It added that Zamtel had willfully neglected and refused to pay it the said sum, in breach of the agreement and despite numerous and several reminders.

Alliance Media lamented that it had suffered loss, damages and inconvenience as a result.

“Alliance Media has suffered and continues to suffer loss of use of funds and loss to the business opportunities due to non-payment of the outstanding balance for the advertising works performed under the contract amounting to K970,108. By reason of the matters aforesaid, Alliance Media has suffered a grave loss, damages and inconvenience,” read the statement of claim.

Alliance Media is now claiming K970,108, being payment for the advertising services owed to it by Zamtel, damages for breach of contract and damages for loss of use of funds.

It is further seeking damages for the loss of chance and opportunity, interest, costs and any other relief.