Capital Buses operations manager Arnold Zulu and a 21-year-old man of Kanyama Site and Service have appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court for sodomy.

In this matter, Zulu, 38, of Lusaka’s Millennium Bus Station and Adrian Mazuba, have been charged with one count of indecent practices between males when they were alleged found having sexual acts.

Particulars of the offence allege that on August 22, 2019 in Lusaka, Zulu and Mazuba jointly and whilst acting together committed an act of gross indecency.

According to police, the two were arrested after they were found in Zulu’s house having sex against the order of nature.

Police acting spokesperson Danny Mwale stated that the incident happened between 14 and 17 hours on the material day.

“Police in Lusaka recorded a case of Sodomy. Involved was Arnold Zulu aged 52 who was found having carnal knowledge against the order of nature with Adrian Mazuba aged 21. Acting on information received from members of the public, police officers rushed to the scene and found the two in Mr. Zulu’s house in the act. Mr. Zulu,who is also operations manager for Capital Buses (Flash), is currently detained in Police custody while Adrian Mazuba has been taken for medical examination,” Mwale had stated.

And when the matter came up before chief resident magistrate Lameck Mwale for plea, Tuesday, Zulu and Mazuba, who were unrepresented, informed the court that they understood the charge after it was read out to them.

Zulu then admitted to the charge, but when asked why he pleaded guilty, he told the court that it was because police apprehended him from his house within Millennium Bus Station where he stays.

He further explained that police found him giving change to someone who had bought beer from him.

Further asked what the two were doing when the police came, Zulu said they found Mazuba on his bed while he was showing him his manhood after he had been circumcised.

He added that Mazuba was showing him his manhood because he went to ask for some money from him.

“They found this one (Mazuba) on my bed as he was showing me his penis after he had been circumcised,” Zulu said.

Magistrate Mwale then asked if there was any relationship between the two, to which Zulu said he only met Mazuba after his grandfather was hit by a vehicle.

At this point, Magistrate Mwale said he would enter a plea of not guilty following Zulu’s explanations.

Mazuba, on the other hand, denied the charge.

At this point, the duo asked for bail pending trial, which the court granted in the sum of K25,000 each in their own recognizance, with two working sureties bound to the like sum of K25,000.

Magistrate Mwale further ordered that the two sureties should be Lusaka residents who should provide proof of residence.

He then adjourned the matter to September 25 for mention and October 8 for commencement of trial.

Recently, High Court judge Elita Mwikisa sentenced an accountant of Lusaka West to life imprisonment with hard labour for sodomising his five year-old nephew.

In another matter, the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court convicted a 38-year-old man of Zesco Township and committed him to the High Court for sentencing for having carnal knowledge of his seven-year-old son.