A LUSAKA based woman yesterday escaped jail time by a whisker after informing the court that her lover, who is accused of obtaining money by false pretences, is on the run.

This is in a matter in which Moses Chilufya, 30, is charged with the offense of obtaining money by false pretense.

It is alleged that on 26th June, 2021 in Lusaka, Chilufya did obtain K34,200 from Catherine Tembo by falsely pretending that he had a piece of land for sale when in fact not.

When the matter came up before Lusaka chief resident magistrate Dominic Makalicha, the woman, who was appearing as surety, told the court that her partner was on the run and nowhere to be found.

She also said she was unable to pay for bail on his behalf as she did not have the resources.

This response angered magistrate Makalicha who informed her that he would have thrown her in jail had it not been for the baby she was carrying when she appeared before him.

“You know, we are not playing here, I’m going to lock you up now, you go to jail. The procedure is supposed to be there and then when the accused runs away, you have to pay the money there and then or else you will be locked up. I gave you time to look for the money but you don’t want to pay the money. I’m going to lock you up until you pay the money. How do you sign for bond for people you don’t know properly? It’s you who’s going to be in trouble now. Pay the money today or else we are going to lock you up. You are lucky because of the child,” he said

When asked if she had the money with her, the woman said she didn’t have it but was trying to convince her father to sell a piece of land so that she could get the K20,000 needed in court.

She lamented that so far, no serious buyer had come forward but assured the court that she would pay the money by the end of January, 2022.

Magistrate Makalicha warned the woman against signing police bond for people she didn’t know properly.

“Don’t be signing police bond for boyfriends you don’t know properly,” said Magistrate Makalicha.

He adjourned the matter to February 7, 2022.

Meanwhile, the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has sentenced female Doreen Mwansa, 28, of Kalikiliki to three years imprisonment for the offense of child abduction.

It is alleged that on 23rd October, 2021, Doreen Mwansa with intent to deprive Mary Sikazwe of her child under the age of 16 unlawfully did take away the child from her possession.